Get Creative With Our Newly Launched Airframes

You know what they say – new year, new home. A new year means a fresh start not just for burning off all of those holiday calories, but it’s also the perfect time to revamp your home. Speaking of revamping your home,  if you’ve visited our website recently, you might have noticed we have a new addition to our home decor category- Airframes. To give you useful insight into this newly launched product, today’s PFF blog post is going to be about everything that you need to know about our new wall photo frames: Airframes. Read on and fall in love with this new addition.

What are Airframes?

As we all know, traditional wall photo frames are generally heavy, expensive and not to mention troublesome when it comes to mounting them on walls with nails. That’s why we at Print For Fun decided to create the perfect solutionAirframes.

Airframes are removable, lightweight panels of stylish square frames that mount directly to your wall via a sticky mounting strip that leaves no damage behind! They are like a real-life version of your Instagram Feed, which can be hung effortlessly in any way you want to create a stunning wall art gallery within minutes. Comes in 2 easy-to-pair colours, Classic White and Classic Black.

What’s so unique about them?

Our Airframes are designed with specific features in mind to help you to spruce up your home and preserve your precious memories in style:

1. Lightweight, Hassle-free display

While you can use any of our other wall photo frames to adorn the walls of your home, our Airframes appeal elsewhere. They are extra light, which allows them to stick to surfaces with nothing but adhesive strips. Now, you can simply stick and display your moments without the use of nails or damaging the surface of your walls. Perfect for those who live in apartments or rent houses that wish to spruce up their space without the fuss.

2. They are stickable and removable

Our Airframes come with state of the art adhesive strips that does not lose its traction even after a long time, so you don’t have to worry about your frames falling off. To mount Airframes, you just need to remove protective film from the adhesive tape and they are ready to hang! If you were to change your mind, you can easily remove them without leaving any dirty marks on sticky residue on your walls. Feel free to show off your favourite photos without ever worrying about ruining your beautiful walls.

3. They are budget-friendly

Framing photos does not come cheap. Sometimes, they can cost up to several hundred dollars. With Airframes, you don’t have to bust your wallets on home decor anymore! We offer a set of 4 frames at a reasonable price of only $58. What’s more, we are currently holding a promotion, where you can get a set of 4 frame at only $48. And did we mention? Shipping is totally free! When you choose to decorate with Airframes, not only do you get to save money, you still get a premium-looking wall art display.

4. High Quality Prints

Keep your memories fresh and alive with crisp and vividly printed personalised Airframes. Coated with a lustre finish, giving your photos a wow-worthy HD effect. What’s more, these prints are water-resistant making them appropriate for hanging them anywhere in your home including kitchens and bathrooms!

5. Comes in one perfect size

Measuring 20cm x 20cm, Airframes are perfect for those who like simple, uncluttered spaces with clean lines and a lack of fussy adornments. As Airframes are smaller in size, they’ll allow you to decorate even if you don’t have lots of wall space to work with. Create a modern wall art gallery as opposed to hanging large wall art prints. They are basically, one of the most trending and easy-to-use wall art decors items.

Creative Ways to Display Airframes

Whether you stack two or create a gallery wall out of a group of prints, our stickable Airframes give you the creative freedom to decorate your walls in any way you like. Upload pictures of your best memories — travel photos, wedding portraits, and candid snapshots- are perfect candidates for choosing what to showcase on your walls. Here are some ideas on how you can display them:

Create a Grid Wall Gallery

Perfect if are looking for wall photo frames that will fit together in a true grid form. With this setup, all of the pieces come together to look like one big statement piece for that classic gallery wall look.

Create a Black & White Wall Gallery

Would you prefer a wall in color or in black and white? Photo via IG:  riggs_interiors in 2020 | Black and white photo wall, Photo wall design,  Photo wall
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Printing and mixing your Airframes in a monochrome theme is also one of the best ways to create an amazing effect to your overall home decor.

Create a Wall Gallery in “Wave” formation

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If you like your gallery walls with a degree of uniformity but without the formality of a grid, you can arrange our Airframes in a wave-like pattern!

Any Wall Gallery style of your choice!

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When it comes to gallery walls, there are no rules. You just need to figure out what kind of look you’re going for. The beauty of Airframes is that you can personalise these lightweight wall photo frames to your very own style!

It’s never been easier to feature your favorite photos around your home!  Our Airframes are perfect for adding a touch of your memories into your home at a reasonable price! Why stick to what you know? Seasons, trends, your mind – you’re allowed to change them all with our beautiful Airframes. We hope you’ve found this blog post inspiring and have managed to convince you to get yourself a couple of Airframes!

Till the next time, cheers!

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