Framable Pictures – Ideas On What You Should Print

Hello and welcome back for another blog post! If you recall, in our previous post, we answered some of the common questions we get about our wall photo frames from you guys. Give it a read if you have yet to – Wall Photo Frames – Frequently Asked Questions. Alternatively, you can check out our comprehensive Ultimate Guide to Wall Photo Frames

Today, we’re going to stick with the topic of wall photo frames. We’ll share with you other kinds of framable pictures instead of photos of yourself or your family. Having photos of your loved ones around the house is great but every now and then you might want to switch it up. Here are 4 suggestions for you.


Whether you prefer the mountains or the ocean, a scenic piece always brings some fresh perspective into your homes. If you’re not a professional photographer, not to worry. There are loads of beautiful, scenic photos online that are available for free. You can check out websites such as Unsplash, Pixabay or Pexels. Choose out of thousands framable pictures that will best suit your home.

Source: Prints By Kayla on Etsy

For scenic pieces, you can print them in large sizes such as A1 or a 61 by 91cm and hang them prominently in your living room. You can also go for smaller sizes like an A4 to place on your desk in the office. Once you’ve obtained your softcopy files, get them printed with us. Go for our Premium Prints if you want a semi-gloss look or our Art Prints if you prefer a matte look instead.


Now if you’re more into patterns or designs, you might want to look into abstract prints. These prints will add a splash of colour onto your otherwise plain walls and will give your homes a modern look. Just like the scenic prints, you can print them in large sizes, making them the star pieces in your living room. You don’t see many of these printed in smaller sizes because people often want to show off the magnificence of the piece.

Source: Klad Abstract Painting on Etsy

There are countless websites out there selling them. Etsy and HipVan are just two examples of websites selling abstract art in wall photo frames. However do note that not all the products listed on Etsy are printables. If you want your abstract pieces to be more unique, get them printed on our textured paper that’s available for both our Art Prints and Fine Art Prints.

You may find that some pieces come with a hefty price tag. But, if you browse thoroughly enough, you might just find framable pictures that are reasonably priced.


Do you have a quote that is particularly memorable? Maybe something you favourite celebrity or athlete once said? Why not get those printed and display them on wall photo frames? If you have a flair design, you can make it look exactly how you want it to. If not you can just get one online. There many different quotes from love to determination, you’ll find something that inspires you. 

Source: Pinterest

You can also print out words that will help tell the story of your wall collage. For example adding your family members names or just the word ‘family’ to your wall collage can make a big difference.

Source: Pareka Prints on Etsy

You can also get them printed on a smaller scale for you to place on your office desks for whenever you need a booster. 

Drawings/ Paintings

Source: Agostino Veroni on Etsy

If you’re a fan of paintings or drawings, you can consider displaying one in a wall photo frame. They are excellent framable pictures as well! There’s a selection for you to choose from. Be it oil paintings or ink pieces, you can get one that suits your home’s look and feel best. This is also a really cool way to support your local artists and recognise them for their work. It can be overwhelming to search for drawings/ paintings if you don’t have something in mind. We suggest you narrow down your choices by looking at the nature of the drawings or the colours used. 

Source: Ekinakis on Etsy

You can also turn to your little artists at home for your next piece. Kids love doodling so why not show off some of their best works by framing them up? It’s also a great way to show them just how much you treasure their masterpieces. You can get one big enough to display in their rooms or a smaller one to spice up your office/ bedside tables. 

And that is all we have for you today. We hope through this blog, you have a clearer idea of what else you want to display in your homes on wall photo frames. If you’re looking for collage ideas, you can give Wall Collage Ideas With Our Collage Photo Frames a read!

Till the next one, cheers!