Dream Work Space Inspiration – 7 Levels of Room Decor (Part 2)

Remember two months ago when we wrote Part 1 of Dream Room Inspiration? That was about memories and making our bedroom even cozier.

Today, let’s talk about work spaces and desks, basically the area where we study, work, read, draw, get inspired… or make magic happen!

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Hence, it is very important to keep it organised, inspiring, or simply conducive for working.

1. Minimalist

First, it should have everything you need. Ample space, sockets, enough light… that’s a good enough work space.

minimalist 1Source: homedit

minimalist 2Source: homedit

Pipkorn and KilpatrickSource: her-creative

2. Neat

But… not everyone is super tidy with minimal items on the desk. There may be stationery, tools, books, etc. Here are some ideas for table organisation that looks really neat too! (in all possible senses hehe)

neat 1Source: iheartorganizing

Source: homedit

Source: Pinterest

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Source: remodelaholic

3. Productive/ Functional

Then, you could include things that make you more productive. It could be some speakers for your music, a cork board or whiteboard (or any board) for your notes and inspiration, a calendar to keep track of everything, and anything else that keeps you motivated or on task.

productive/ functionalSource: @workspacegoals on Instagram

productive/ functional 2Source: momfabulous.com

productive/ functional 3Source: l-ion from tumblr

desk, school, and pink imageSource: @paudurann on weheartit

Source: @rebeccaeichten on Urban Outfitters blog

4. Motivating/ Aesthetically-pleasing

For motivation and (sometimes) aesthetics, add some motivational quotes that is either hand written or printed out! I set one as my phone wallpaper when I was preparing for major examinations some years back and it really kept me going!

room, desk, and book imageSource: @chuckyouverymuch on weheartit

motivating / aesthetically-pleasing 2Source: sfgirlbybay

Source: homedit

5. Frames

If you prefer something more cozy you could just put some pictures of your family and friends (or whoever/whatever you like) into frames and hang them up!

If you are a creative, drawings (your masterpieces!) would be cool! If not, putting up some artwork or graphic designs (which you can easily find online, just as we showed you in a previous article) would be pretty nice as well.

Frames 1Source: ashleyelladesign

frames 2Source: The DIY Playbook

frames 3Source: theglitterguide

6. A little bit of green

Oh yeah, and adding a plant or two in the office adds that little touch of green and makes the space looks fresher and livelier too!

(it all depends how many plants you want surrounding you… you could go from one all the way to… a greenhouse)

Source: @workspacegoals on Instagram

a little bit of green 2Source: homedit

a little bit of green 3Source: @dabito on Instagram

7. Get creative!

Feeling inspired yet?

If you have lots and lots of creative juices flowing, or simply like something more unique, you could do anything you want to incorporate everything you need!

You could combine all of the ideas above to really make it yours! As Laura Vitale from Laura in the Kitchen says, “The world is your pickle, my friend.”

Below are some really cool ideas we saw and really love!

UrbanOutfitters.com: Awesome stuff for you & your space                                                                                                                                                                                 MoreSource: Daisy Ellen on Pinterest (saved from urbanoutfitters.com)

Source: @workspacegoals on Instagram

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Slide View: 2: Wire Wall Grid ShelfSource: Urban Outfitters

Source: @workspacegoals on Instagram

Source: bloglovin

Little-Big-Bell-workspace-3Source: littlebigbell

Source: @workspacegoals on Instagram

Source: @workspacegoals on Instagram

Source: @workspacegoals on Instagram

Source: @workspacegoals on Instagram

Source: @workspacegoals on Instagram


I’ll be moving in around one month’s time, and looking at all these pictures, I’m feeling super excited!!! Can’t wait to start creating my own space to create things in!

Thinking of having some photos printed for the wall, or even have some frames here and there… Maybe a plant too!

Can’t wait to get started already (like me)?

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Happy decorating! <3