DIY Simple Photobook

We’re back again with another DIY. This time round will be a simple photobook.  This photobook can be a gift to your loved ones or a photobook for the places that you have visited. For me, it is the latter.

The materials that I used:

  • 2 A4 colored paper/ 2 A5 colored paper. (You can have more if you wish to)
  • 1 Vanguard sheet
  • Squared photos (I used 4 for this DIY)
  • Scissors
  • Hole puncher (Optional) 
  • Some pens to decorate the photobook
  • String (You can use either a string or ribbon. etc to tie it all up)
  • Ruler
  • Adhesive materials (I used washi tape)


Let’s Start!

Fold the A4 colored papers into half and cut along the folded lines, or you can get A5 colored paper. For me, I cut the A4 colored papers so the size of the paper will be around A5 size. Once cut, we will only use half of it.


Place the colored papers onto the vanguard sheet and outline it.


Measure a 0.5 outwards of the outline and draw along the outline. It will look something like this:


Cut along the outer line. This will be the cover of the photobook.


Erase away the lines. Now place the colored paper on top of the it and fold into half. Draw a semi circle at the side of folded side and cut using scissors or use a hole puncher to create a hole. Be careful when cutting or using the hole puncher as this may happen.

Pic-10   PSX_20170824_133242

Bind it together with a string or a ribbon. I will be using a string. Paste the photos in the pages inside. And finally, you can decorate the book anyway you wish! VOILA! Your very own photobook is done!



Pic 1



I find doing this is pretty fun. Try it! Let your creativity flow and have fun with creating your own photobook. You can start by printing the photos on our website.

Until next time!