DIY Pop up card – Mother’s Day Edition

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to tell your mom that she is the best mom in the world by creating something special this Mother’s Day. In today’s blog post we would be doing another DIY and it is a pretty simple one. You would need these materials to create the DIY Pop-up Card

Decorative Paper
Colour Paper
2 Small Square Photos

First, cut 2 coloured paper into these sizes respectively: 17cm x 17cm and 21cm x 12.5cm as shown below:

17cm x 17cm
21cm x 12.5cm


Afterwards, take the smaller size and fold them based on the dotted lines below:

You should be able to fold it like this in the end:

Take the bigger size and fold it into half.

Paste the smaller coloured paper onto the bigger size coloured paper:

Afterwards, you can decorate the card anywhere you wish!

And that’s it! A simple DIY for our special mom in our lives. Hope you guys had fun with our DIY Pop-up Card and got some ideas or inspiration for a Mother’s Day gift. If you guys need more inspiration you can check our previous DIY such as DIY Photo Book, DIY Boom Explosion Box and our DIY waterfall card.

‘Till next time!