DIY Polaroid Photo Sleeves

Not lying, I was inspired by Fujifilm’s wide range of instant photo film designs. There are just so many designs that are great for various occasions! I don’t own an Instant Camera so I don’t get to try them out ): However, I do print my photos but they are always in white borders. I was determined to give my photos a life.

I love DIYs and getting hands on, so I thought, hey let’s make my own photo sleeves! They are pretty easy to make and they don’t take up too much time.

For this DIY, you will need:


1) Photos of your choice
2) Origami papers
3) Scissors
4) Tape (Washi/Double Sided/Glue)

You can find origami papers at any craft store such as Popular bookstore or Daiso. You can also use other types of design papers that you may have.

I will be using our Small Vintage prints as an example for this tutorial. You can print your photos on them here: Small Vintage

Here I have the measurements for the photo sleeve:


1. Measure and mark out on a piece of Origami paper

IMG_3756From the above measurements provided, mark out on your desired origami paper.

2. Cut out along lines and the middle rectangle


3. Align your photo with the Origami paper and fold down


4. Tape using Washi tapes or Double sided tape

You can tape them down by using washi tapes, glue or double sided tape. It’s all up to you!

Here is the finished look:


You can easily create many of these Photo Sleeves for any bordered prints!

I also created photo sleeves for our Large Vintage and Wide Vintage,  here are their measurements if you decide to try them out for yourselves:





There you have it! Go have fun with the endless designs of origami papers out there.

Til’ next time!