DIY- Fun Photo Bookmarks

Here’s a perfect gift idea for any special occasion! Introducing these fun photo bookmarks that you can easily achieve in less than 15 mins!

photo bookmarks


craft supplies

1) Photos of your choice printed on photo paper
2) Tassels (Ready-made/DIY)
3) String/Elastic Cord
4) Scissors


Take photos of your favorite being with their arms/legs up as if they are holding on to something, ideally in front of a blank wall. This will make it easier to see the edges when you’re cutting out the photo. For this tutorial, I will be using stock pictures I got online as examples.



Print your photos on photo paper (Or you can simply print with us!) Here, I’ve printed them on 3R sized photos.



cut out photosCut the photo along the outline, removing all background.



thread cord into bookmark

For extra protection, you can choose to laminate the photos. Use a penknife or hole puncher to cut a small hole at the top, where hand/leg is. Thread the elastic cord through the hole.



fun photo bookmark

Thread the tassel into the elastic cord and tie a knot. Trim off excess cord.


More examples:

photo bookmark

photo bookmark

photo bookmark


Here are some other ideas I found interesting:

example of photo bookmarks



example of photo bookmark



example of photo bookmark



And there you have it, your very own personalized bookmarks! Unleash your creativity and try out different styles. Ta Ta and see you guys in the next post!