DIY Fruit Bulletin Boards

For DIY lovers, here’s another one of our customised DIY products!! Even if you’re not a fan of such DIY, fret not because I don’t usually do it too but but!! I gotta say I had a lot of funnn.

Pinterest has got to be the best place to source for such ideas. Well it definitely is for me. Hence this time I was inspired by a DIY fruit bulletin board from Pinterest – take a look at the photo and be wow-ed by it cuz I sure was!


Well, I didn’t just look at this photo and immediately confirmed that I was gonna stick to this. It’s because our office used to have a functioning A3 size corkboard and recently it broke into half and we were going to dispose it. But say hey to recyclng yea? Especially when such DIY materials often don’t come cheap, it really helps to save cost when we make use of the materials that we already have. So let’s begin!

materials you need

Materials and Tools You Need :

  • White Paper
  • Cork Board
  • Pencil and Permanent Marker
  • Penknife and Scissors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Cutting Board
  • Clips
  • String
  • Tape

Step 1: Sketch out your artwork

Drawing on cork board isn’t easy to see and is also hard to erase. Hence sketching on paper will help greatly in coming up with a satisfactory product!

With 2 cork boards I also decided to come up with another fruit board to spice up my wall and make my pineapple ‘feel’ less lonely huehuehue.

Step 2: Cut out your sketch
cutting tools

I realised here that penknives aren’t the best buddies for cutting curved lines, so prepare a pair of scissors as well to aid in cutting out a nice shape.

Step 3: Clip your sketch to one of the boards, then cut it!!

Clipping the sketch instead of using your hand to ‘kiap’ (read: to hold) both materials together is more effective. Simply find any random clippers around at home. For guys, ask the girls around if you can’t find any!

cutting done

It’s good to cut out some excess cork board too, so that you can still attempt to salvage if anything goes wrong.

cut shapes

And.. voila!! Here’s the completed cut outs of your cork board

Step 4: Sketch the pattern on both boards
sketch fills

For the pineapple I decided to follow the image that i saw on Pinterest by cutting out geometric triangles. For the watermelon, I went with the normal design that never goes wrong. There is no need to bound yourself to designs online though. For those who wish to explore more, always give yourself space and time to try new things!!

Step 5: Paint it with Acrylic paint

I used acrylic paint to go over the cork boards instead of poster paint and other kinds of paint because it is waterproof and it does not seep through. It is also pretty affordable!! Simply go to Popular for the basic ones or if not Artfriend has it all too.

Step 6: Outline the Pineapple

To give it a clean outlook, we outlined the triangles of the pineapple.

Step 7: Create a Loop to hang the Fruit Boards

Cut out a piece of sting and create a loop so as to make it easier to hang it up on the wall. Secure it with any tape. For both the string and the tape, we used existing ones that we already have in the office. Always remember to find materials around you first!

The end product will look something like this:


Step 8: Attach Photos/ Sticky Notes and start using it!
final product!

I decided to start out first by attaching photos. Here I printed the photos with Print For Fun, which assures you quality photos at affordable prices. Not only that, it is pretty convenient to have it sent to your house after ordering online. No more having to travel all the way to shopping malls to print photos!

Hope this DIY helped inspire you to try out something today(: And I cannot mention enough – DIY can be cheap and affordable too if you know how to reuse items!! Have fun trying these out!

Till next time,
PFF (: