Decorate your wall with poster prints

Hi everyone, hope you all are staying safe. On today’s episode on the PFF blog, we will be elaborating more about decorating your wall(s) with artistic prints. In our previous post, we touched on how you can frame up pictures related to your life’s journey. In case you missed the previous post, you can click here. Today we will be elaborating how you can decorate your wall(s) with artistic prints.

Besides the picture categories we mentioned in our previous post, here are some additional categories that you can consider printing and framing up to decorate your wall(s).

Space Pictures

For those of you who love space and want to decorate your wall(s) with images of space, you can consider downloading pictures from space to print and hang up on your wall(s).

Image source: Nasa

Image source: DrPenArt

Artistic Paintings

Some of us appreciate art more than others. You can print your favourite artist’s images and hang it up to decorate your wall(s). To do so, simply can reach out to the artist or the website to download the image and print the image with us.

Image source: Ginette Callaway

Starry night

Image source: Vincent Van Gough

Movies/TV shows

There are a few of us who adore movies and tv shows and would love to decorate our wall(s) with our favourite characters from movie/tv shows.

Brooklyn 99

Image source: live4ever


Many of us are fans of superheroes. What other better way is there to decorate your wall(s) than to frame it up with your favourite superheroes.

Here are some prints which are done up featuring your favourite superheroes. You can download the images, print and frame them with us and decorate your wall(s).

Collection of Marvel superheroes

Image source: Heregoessomethong


Many of us do sports and have a favourite sportsman/sportswoman/club that we support. Another unique way of decorating your wall(s) is to have a picture of your favourite sportsman/sportswoman/club.

Kobe Bryant

Image source: Motivation Grid

Manchester United Football Club

Image source: rebeldino

Fantasy (Gaming/Anime)

Some of us love gaming and anime and want to decorate our wall(s) with our favourite character from the game/anime.

Witcher III Wildhunt

Image source:

Tokyo Ghoul

Image source: Dragoart

In summary, we have covered some additional pictures that you could download and print to hang it up on your wall(s). We recommend that you print and frame what you love the most to decorate your wall(s).

For some of the images, you may have to pay a small fee to the website or artist that when downloading them.

Fret not, the PFF team has helped to come up with a list of websites where you can download images.

Websites that offer free images:

  1. Stocksnap
  2. Pexels
  3. Flickr
  4. Pixabay
  5. Freeimages

Websites that require payment to obtain images:

  1. Shutterstock
  2. Alamy
  3. iStock

We have come up with a small table breaking down the cost of each image on the websites. Do note that the longer your subscription plan, the cheaper the price per image.

Total Subscription Price Price per image
Shutterstock $69.50 for 10 photos $6.95
Alamy $34.70
iStock $45 SGD for 10 photos $4.50

That summarizes everything for today’s blog post. We hope that you have a better idea of what prints to use to decorate your wall(s). Til next time.