Choosing Photos For Your Gallery Wall

On today’s episode on creating your own gallery wall, we will be choosing photos for your gallery wall. If you still have not read our previous post on deciding which frames to use, do check it out.

In order to decide on what photos to use for your gallery wall, you have to first decide on the theme. Most of us should choose a theme and stick with it to ensure that there is balance. When choosing and sticking with one theme to connect the photos in the gallery, the photos together act like they are a part of a larger art piece. We have come up with a list of the most popular themes people choose

1. Family

Another extremely popular theme for creating your own gallery wall would be family pictures. They could portray how you and your life partner built a family together. Alternatively, you could also portray the bonds you have with your parents.

Recommended frame colours: Black/White/Champagne Silver

2. Wedding

This one is a classic. One of the best themes you could choose is your wedding pictures. Choosing them when creating your own gallery wall will remind you of the beautiful times you had together and when you decided to marry your life partner.

Recommended frame colours: Black/Antique Gold/Champagne Silver

3. Travel

This theme is recommended for those who love to wander the world. What better pictures to use to decorate your wall other than the beautiful places that you have travelled to before?

Recommended frame colours: Black/Champagne Silver

4. Nature

For the souls who love nature, choosing this theme will help add colour to your walls and also remind you the how beautiful nature and mother earth are.

Recommended frame colours: Wood

5. Variety of photos

For those who want to create a gallery wall that showcases the importance of the past, present and future. The variety of photos could include your parents, grandparents, children. Alternatively, they could feature items, landmarks etc.

Recommended picture colour: Black and White
Recommended frame colours: Black

6. Green photos

For those who love greenery and want to decorate your walls with pictures of mother earth then this is the theme for you.

Recommended frame colours: Wood/Antiqued Gold

7. Simple

For those who want to keep things simple and achieve that minimalistic look in your home. After all, simplicity is perfection.

Recommended frame colours: Black/Antique Gold

Deciding on the type of prints

Finally, we will be the type of prints you guys can get. Once you have decided on a common theme, you can get creative by mixing and matching different prints of the same theme. E.g. Canvas or any other prints that you like
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In summary, we have gone through how you can choose your photos to create a gallery wall to beautify your wall. With that, we have come to the end of today’s blog post. We hope that you have found this useful. Do tag us on Instagram when you create your own gallery wall