Bring Your Photos to Life with Our Lenticular Prints (GIF Prints)

Vintage Lenticular Printing


Photo printing services in Singapore have been pretty restrictive when it comes to finding variation in products. However, technology has enabled advancement in methods of photography printing, in which lenticular printing is one of them. In Print For Fun, we call our lenticular prints GIF Prints, as they remind us of those animated GIF commonly seen on the internet. If you’re not sure what lenticular printing is, it essentially produces images with an illusion of them coming to life, as the image appears to move when viewed from different angles. However, how is it possible?

Process of CREATING lenticular prints

There is a lot that goes into the process of making a lenticular print. The use of technology overlays two/three images and interlaces them together. Afterwards, the interlaced print will be printed and pasted atop of the smooth side of the lens. In doing so, different images will be shown at different angles.

A specific image DPI (dots per inch) is used in the software to create the perfect lenticular print. Moreover, the interlaced lenticular print has to be pasted properly to achieve the correct motion of images.


Are my photos good enough for Lenticular Prints?

At Print For Fun, we currently offer two sizes of lenticular prints (GIF Prints): Small Vintage (about the size of a normal polaroid photo) and 4R. With these sizes, you do not have to worry about photos taken on your phone having too low of a resolution to be printed on our GIF prints (lenticular prints). Your phone photos will be good enough to be submitted for lenticular printing. If there are people in your photos, it would be best to crop your photos to make the people the main subject of the photo. In other words, the people take up most of the space in the photo so that their faces will be clearly shown when made into a lenticular print.

Small Vintage GIF Print (Lenticular Print)

4R GIF Print (Lenticular Print)

What can I print with Lenticular Prints?

The sky’s the limit! But we have another blog post that can help you with some ideas on what you can print with our lenticular prints (GIF Prints). Here are some ways you can create your own animated prints.

And that’s it for now, folks! Hope this blog post has been informative for you guys! Drop a comment below on what do you think about lenticular prints.

‘Till next time!