6 Meaningful Way to Spread Kindness on SG Kindness Day 2023

Not to be confused with World Kindness Day, SG Kindness Day is just around the corner, falling on 19 May 2023!

What better way to celebrate this occasion than by spreading kindness in meaningful ways? Do not underestimate your small acts of kindness that can make a lasting impact. In this blog post, we will share 6 wonderful ways to show kindness in this whole month of May.

1. Show Gratitude with Personalized Framed Prints

One of the many ways to spread kindness is by showing gratitude. Take a moment to reflect on the people who have positively impacted your life. It could be a friend, a family member, or a teacher. You can choose your favorite photo and create a personalized framed print as a heartfelt gift. It’s a beautiful way to show appreciation and will surely make that person’s day brighter!

A-Sized Frames
A-Sized Framed Prints

2. Thank them with a Meaningful Photo Art Gift

One of the most simple acts of kindness is saying “Thank you” to someone who helped you. “Thank you” can also come in the form of a photo art gift. Surprise that person with a thoughtful photo art gift that captures a special moment or memory. Such personalized photo gifts will definitely put a smile on their face and show them how much you appreciate them.


3. Spread Joy with Vintage Prints

Kindness can also be about spreading joy and positivity. You can spread joy with our vintage prints as they offer a timeless appeal that can evoke nostalgia. Our small vintage prints have white borders, similar to Polaroid and Instax prints, and are perfect for keepsakes, all day, wherever you are due to their miniature size.

 6 small vintages held against white background
Small Vintages

Our large vintage prints can also be used as personalized messages, to thank that special someone. Similar to the mini vintage prints, our large vintage prints also have white borders. You can even print your favourite Instagram squares of your shared moments to brighten someone’s day as a small yet sincere gift.

Large Vintages
Large Vintages

In addition, this print is versatile and applicable to most photos, even landscape ones. With wide vintage prints, they are perfect for group pictures of people you are thankful for.

Holiday photos printed as wide vintage prints
Wide Vintages

4. Beautify their Homes Ready-to-Hang Prints

You can also consider spreading kindness by gifting them ready-to-hang prints that they can proudly display in their own space, such as homes or offices. You can choose a design that suits them, ranging from abstract art to inspirational quotes. Such an inspiring artwork will remind them of your kindness every time they see it, motivating them to press on.

Quotes Framed Print - Be Kind To Yourself
Ready to Hang Framed Prints

5. Bring Smiles with Photostrips

Last but not least, spreading kindness through mini photostrips will never go wrong. You can even use them as bookmarks!

Mini Photostrips
Mini Photostrips

If you want to be fancier, you can also pair our prints with a spiral-binding hardcover kraft scrapbook that is perfect for scrapbooking your favourite memories. With 100 pages, they are classy and effortless!

Small Vintages
Hardcover Kraft Book (Large)

You can opt for jumbo photostrips as well, making the image stand out. Alongside the photostrips, we recommend you write a kind note or uplifting message to let them know that you treasure them!

Jumbo Photostrips
Jumbo Photostrip

6. Express Appreciation with Gift Cards

Gift Cards

If you don’t have time to go into prints, you can still spread kindness by gifting your friend a dose of creativity and expression with our PFF gift cards. Your friends and family will have the flexibility of choosing from hundreds of products on our site and even have delivery included!

A little kindness, such as sending someone a caring text, can go a long way. We hope this post has motivated you to go out there and make someone’s day!

Whether it’s showing appreciation, sharing joy, inspiring others, bringing smiles, or creating lasting memories, there are countless ways to show kindness. Comment and let us know how you will be showing kindness this SG Kindness Day!