5 DIY Card Ideas: Christmas Edition

Looking for DIY Christmas card ideas? We’ve rounded up our all-time favourite, crafty Christmas card ideas that go hand in hand with our photo printing services! These DIY Christmas cards are so simple to craft and take very little time to throw together making them loads of fun to share with friends and family. Believe it or not, some of the cards we’ve included here can be whipped up in a matter of minutes, so you can spend more time on decorating your tree!

Washi Tape Christmas Tree Card

Are you in a hurry and looking for a simple DIY Christmas card craft? This washi tape card is for you! Just cut strips out of washi tape and place on a card in the shape of a tree. Put a star on top and your card is ready to send! You are free to create any festive designs of your choice, the possibilities are endless!

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Handmade Washi Tape Christmas Cards
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For more detailed instructions, check out Team Colours By Carrie‘s blog.

Button Christmas Cards

Buttons aren’t just for sewing onto shirts any more, they’re great to use in all sorts of crafts, including DIY greeting cards.

They only take a couple of minutes from start to finish, so they’re perfect for those times that you need a card in a hurry and don’t have time to buy one or to fuss around with making anything time-consuming. In particular, they can make your Christmas cards truly elegant. You can, for example, make a button snowman and Christmas trees with them.

DIY Christmas Button Cards
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Paper Quilled Christmas Cards

Nothing says Merry Christmas like quilled cards, because not only are they greeting cards, they’re beautiful works of art too!

Not familiar with what a quilled card is? It is a form of craft that uses thin stripes of paper that are rolled, shaped, and then glued together to create a beautiful 3D designs on cards, canvases and more. It is inexpensive to craft and so much easier than it looks! All you need is stripes of paper and glue to make cards that are both elegant to look at as well as stunning in design. 

handmade paper quilled Christmas card – Merry Christmas stocking | Quilling  christmas, Paper quilling cards, Quilling designs
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For more detailed instructions, check out this quilled card tutorial here.

Paper Embroidery Card

Embroidery is making a come-back as the trendy “new” craft, so why not try paper embroidering your cards to elevate your handwritten words? This is an easy-to-do project to take along with you when you are on the go or just for those moments in between.

Paper embroidery or paper stitching is the craft of pricking and stitching designs onto a card with an embroidery thread , which is an excellent way of adding that personal touch. We highly encourage you to stretch the limits of your imagination and stitch your own unique festive designs like snowflakes and wreaths.

20 Simple and Sweet DIY Christmas Card Ideas
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Need further instruction? Check out this embroidered greeting card blog.

Festive Felt Card

If you love color, then these are the perfect Christmas cards for you to make! This is a really cute idea that has lots of creative scope. All you need is some felt in the colors of your choice, white glue, and your creativity to create these wonderfully bright and colorful cards. It is sure to bring some cheer to your recipients this holiday season! You can even pair these cards with fun-filled photos featuring your friends and family.

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Printed Christmas Cards

If you don’t have the energy or time to create completely original DIY Christmas cards from scratch, we have a happy medium for you to consider. Look into personalising your own beautiful Christmas Cards on with our Greeting Cards, where you can adjust color combinations, text styling, card size, border cut, and so much more.


We hope you learnt a thing or two today and we encourage you to experiment with these 5 ways of adding a DIY vibe to your holiday card without the stress of starting from scratch! Till next time, cheers!

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