4 Ideas to spice up your photo strips print

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Photo strips are a really cool print to print out. They could add a personal touch to your diaries or books as a bookmark. But there are times when we have no idea what to print out or you want to do something different. In today’s blog, we are going to be showing 4 photo strips ideas you can try to print out!

1. Colour coordinated photos

Every time I see photo strips, I would think of colour matching and colour catalogues. If you want to try colour coordinating your prints, photo strips are just the one for you. You could go with a pastel theme or a darker theme colour. Explore your creativity with this idea.

Pastel Photo strip

2.  Motivational Quotes

I really like having quotes in my pictures. It helps to motivate me and it is something I could relate to. It would be a great motivation booster for me, having it as a bookmark for my diaries. If you are one of them, this theme might be just the one for you.

Motivational Quote Photo strip

3. Travel photos

For those who love to travel and explore, this theme is just for you! And it’s great to have a personal bookmark that has your favourite memories of your travels!

Travel Photo strip

4. Pic splitter

You guys have probably seen the image splitter pictures on some Instagram profiles. How about trying it out on photo strips. It would be something different from the usual themes or photos.

Travel Photo strip


And that’s it! Hope you guys like the different ideas you could try on photo strips. If you guys are interested in trying this out, you can print them on our photo strips or jumbo photo strips. Check it out here.

‘Till next time!