Your Guide to HipVan’s Wall Photo Frames

We’re back with yet another blog post! Today we’ll be talking about wall photo frames. More specifically, the wall photo frames that HipVan offers.

HipVan is an online furniture store that sells an assortment of things, but today we’ll be focusing on their wall photo frames. They offer different types of wall photo frames but today, we’re gonna be focusing on their wooden frames.

Wooden Square Wall Photo Frames

HipVan’s wooden photo frames come in 2 shapes, squares and rectangles which are 2cm in thickness.

Their square frames measure 12” by 12” ( 30.5 cm by 30.5 cm) and can be displayed with matboards. A matboard is white ‘border’ you see in the picture below. It is placed in front of the photo when framed up. They can help spice up your wall photo frames by drawing attention to the centre of your prints! 


Below is a table detailing the square frame’s measurements. There’s also a diagram to help you visualise it better.  

Product Size f Frame Print Size with Matboard Print Size without Matboard
12” Square Wooden Frame 33.5 cm X 33.5 cm

13.2” X 13.2”

19 cm X 19 cm

7.5” X 7.5”

30.5 cm X 30.5 cm

12” X 12”


Here’s how your photos will look in the 12” square with and without the matboard.

Wooden Rectangular Wall Photo Frames

HipVan’s rectangular wall photo frames come in 4 different sizes, A1, A2, A3 and A4. You can also choose to display your prints with a matboard using these frames. We’ve listed down the measurements of how big your prints should be with and without the matboard. There are also diagrams of the different ‘A’ sizes to help you visualise better.


Product Size of Frame Print Size with Matboard Print Size without Matboard
A1 Size Wooden Frame 62 X 86.5 cm

24.4” X 34”

41.2 X 59 cm

16.2” X 23.2”

59.4 X 84.1 cm

23.4” X 33.1”

A2 Size Wooden Frame 45 x 63 cm

17.7” X 24.8”

29.7 X 42 cm

11.7” X 16.5”

42 X 59.4 cm

16.5” X 23.4”

A3 Size Wooden Frame 32.5 X 44.8 cm

12.8” X 17.6”

21 X 29.7 cm

8.3” X 11.7”

29.7 X 42 cm

11.7” X 16.5”

A4 Size Wooden Frame 23.8 X 32.5 cm

9.4” X 12.8”

15 X 20 cm

5.9” X 7.9”

21 X 29.7 cm

8.3” X 11.7”



Here’s how your photos will look in the rectangular wall photo frames with and without the matboard.

Now you may be wondering, how does the back of the wall photo frame look like? Each frame comes with a brown backboard.

It secures your prints and ensures that doesn’t shift around in the frame. Attached to it is also a hook that can be used to hang the frames up on your walls. 

We hope our breakdown on HipVan’s different wall photo frame sizes were of help to you. However, if you are still unsure, why not get both with us? We’ve recently launched new wall photo frames in the same sizes! Plus point – we’ll get your photos printed and also frame it up for you. All that’s left to do is to hang them up! If you’re in need of some pointers before hanging them up, give Tips On Setting Up Your Own Photo Wall Collage a read!

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Till the next time, cheers!