Your Guide To A-Size Frames & Framed Prints

Framed Prints

Already have an A-size frame but unsure what size to print? Not to worry, but by the end of this guide, you will be able to know what size to print. Looking for an image to be printed and framed instead? Our Framed Prints will be perfect for you. Stay tuned to end of this blog, to know a little bit about them.

Let’s start with the basics first. A-sizes are defined by the ISO Standard. It’s easy to draw a comparison between the different A sizes. A4 size is the standard paper size that we commonly use to print our documents in. A3 is simply twice the size of A4; A2 twice that of A3 and so on. Here’s a visual representation:

A-sizes guide

Here’s another visual for those who are unsure on the best photo dimensions.

A-sizes guide


Matboard gives a more creative and unique way to display and showcase your images or artwork. Most of the A-frames that you have bought will come with the frame size, picture size (with and without matboard size) and matboard size indicated.

If you unsure about the size of your matboard, don’t fret! Measure the opening size of your matboard first. Pro tip: Always give a little bit of excess to the measurement to ensure that the image would not have white parts of the photo showing when the matboard is mounted onto the image.

Matboard Measurement

If you would like to print, you can print under our custom print. The A sizes are provided for your reference. For those who have a matboard, do inform us via email ( and we would assist you from there.

What if I would like my photo to be printed and framed?

Our Framed Print is just the product you are looking for. From A4 to A1 sizes and our square frames (Mini Square & Square Frame), these 6 different wall photo frame sizes are perfect if you are looking for something to have as a star piece in your living room or a piece hanging over your desk.

If you wish to know more about our Framed Prints, give our older blog post a read: Your Favourite Moments On Wall Photo Frames.

If you already have an ikea sized frame, and just want to print a photo to fit it, here’s the link to checking out the list of ikea frame sizes available.

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