Which Instagram Captions ‘Cap-tions’ you?

We would usually post Instagram captions to tell the story behind our Instagram post. Would you like to know the different captions on Instagram? Curious to know which type of captions you probably use more often? Today’s blog will give you 5 types of Instagram captions that we tend to see. So stay tuned! (A/N: This is like a part 2 to our previous blog post: Which Instagrammer are you? If you guys have missed it, you can check it out here.)


I am guilty of this. I like to put quotes in my captions in my Instagram post. There are quotes out there that are very relatable!


The ‘no caption’ caption

This is a bit ironic but I want to just mention this because having no caption once in a while is good. You let the picture convey the message instead. As what they always say, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’.

No Caption


This is another way of captioning that I tend to see on Instagram – using emojis. It is very simple and sometimes you captioning with emojis is a fun way to express the message you wish to deliver.


Puns & Jokes

The puns that I tend to see are hilarious. It gives a sense of humour and wit in the post. Plus, seeing these captions on my Instagram feed tends to make my day. However, not everyone likes them. Any of you guys like puns?

Puns and Jokes

And that’s it! Hope you guys have enjoyed this post. (A little note before we end of: The usernames used here are purely fictional.) Could you relate to any of this type of Instagram captions? Found something that you tend to use when you make your Instagram captions? Any of these Instagram captions captures you?┬áLet us know!

‘Till next time!