Where to Find Affordable Art on the Internet

For many of us, a certain level of sophistication in our homes is ideal. What better way to achieve that than to have some artist’s masterpiece hanging around?

The problem is… artwork is so exclusive most of the time! The price is high, they’re limited and not that easy to find!

In this post, we will be showing you some online resources where you can find museum-worthy artwork that you can access and even get printed! Thanks to the people who are pushing for the fine arts scene, we all can have atas (read: high-class, derived from the Malay word meaning “above”) artwork in our homes without having to burn a hole in our pockets… *dream come true*

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Here are some online art resources anyone can have access to:

1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

the met screenshotthe met screenshot 22. Yale University Art Gallery

yale university art galleryyale university art gallery 2

3. National Gallery of Art

national gallery of artnational gallery of art 2

4. The J. Paul Getty Museum Collection

the j paul getty museumgetty screenshot

The only catch is… you have to check if the individual images have restrictions on the usage. In most cases, you are safe if you’re using the resources for personal use, but if you are looking to modify and use the images in any other way, make sure to look out for some important terms concerning the licensing and terms of the artwork.

Terms that deem them as safe:

  • Open access
  • Open content
  • Public domain
  • Available for download, without charge

If you see the above terms, you can more or less be sure that it’s safe for use. If you only want it for your own viewing pleasure, you should be safe from any issues, unless it is clearly stated that the images are subject to copyright issues.

5. Etsy

For all of y’all who don’t mind paying a little bit more, or prefer something more modern and contemporary, we can find the works of artists and designers on etsy at very affordable prices. There you basically get instant download of the .jpg and .pdf files and no worries about the copyright issues!

etsy art printsetsy art prints 2

6. Taobao

For all the Taobao (aka the Narnia of the e-commerce industry) fanatics out there, you can get artwork ready to be hung on the wall at super low prices! You will need to wait out the long ordering/shipping process, and you wouldn’t know about the exact quality of the frames and prints, but it is super cheap and convenient!

taobao wall arttaobao wall art 2


Now that you know where to find art pieces, you can explore, pick your favourite ones, print them, frame them up and hang them in your home 🙂

And when your guests come into your homes and see them…

beautiful reaction gif

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They’d be super impressed and you can tell them all about finding and printing artwork online, and say, “You’re welcome, my friend.”



With so many options to choose from, no worries about not finding the perfect piece for your home (or even, office!) Find your favourite pieces and print with us!

We now have large format premium prints that will fit nicely in frames (check them out here), and also canvases of varying sizes (here), which gives the artwork a nice textured look and feel – and will look awesome on the wall!

Happy printing!

Team PFF