Tips on urban city photography

Living in a bustling urban city where there are so many beautiful and picturesque things to take pictures of. But, how are we able to take those beautiful shots? Don’t fret! On today’s blog post, I am going to give you a few tips on urban photography.

1. Capture still in motion

You can also try cinemagraph (a still picture in which a minor and repeated movement occurs) when taking your shots. Not only that you can also try out motion photography to instil the atmosphere of a bustling city in the picture.

Motion Photography
Capturing Motion
swinging swing
Cinemagraph Photo (Source)


2. Taking pictures indoors

Urban photography is not just limited to outside at the streets or buildings. You can also try taking pictures inside buildings too. You may never know what gem you find when you take pictures inside.



3. Work with the architectural style of the building

Every building has its own unique style. Use the architectural style of the building to your advantage when taking pictures.


4. Night city lights

One of the best things about urban photography is that you can take pictures into the night. Your pictures will give off a different feel when taking the picturesque landscape of the city at night – where different kind of lights would be lit up. Just remember to change your camera settings when taking pictures in the night.

Night Lights

5. Black and white pictures

Taking pictures in black and white gives off a different feel when taking in colour. Plus, it gives a dramatic feel to it and it feels like a story is being told when taken in black and white. Furthermore, it makes your audience focus more on the subject.

Black and white


6.Using Photoshop/App to remove unwanted passerby or objects

Sometimes when want to take a picture but there are too many people in the picture or there’s unwanted object in the shot. Fret not! By using Photoshop or an application, we can remove the unwanted passerby or object from the photo. We wrote a blog on the photoshop and the application to remove unwanted passerby or objects.

For those who want to try the photoshop method, check it out here.

For those who want to try using the application, check it out here.

Empty Street




Ta-da! Our tips for taking pictures in the urban city – no matter which country. Try these tips out! And remember to always exercise caution when taking pictures! Happy photographing!

‘Till next time!