Time to spice up your room with collage frames

Frames in collage layout

Before I thought that there was nothing special about frames until the idea of making a collage frames hit me. And the fun thing about framing a photo is that there is a limitless possibility on how you want to hang it up. In today’s blog post we are going to be talking and show the creative ways you can collage your frames. Stay tuned!

First have a theme in mind before you go framing it up. Once you have a theme in mind, you are all set to go!

Remember this: Sometimes, simplicity is key. Below is a simple collage layout of frames.

Couple Collage

These are the sizes that was used for the collage, if you guys are wondering to what sizes we used in the above picture:

  • (4) 21x30cm IKEA frames (You can get them here)
  • (4) 21x30cm (A4) premium print. (You can get them here)

The total amount of the IKEA frames and A4 Premium print are $48 and $26 respectively.

Want to try a collage with different frame sizes? Here is another way you could collage your favourite memories with your family.:

A photo collage of family

This is different than the first collage because you will be using different frames to make a collage.

If you guys want to make this frame collage, below is a list of the frame sizes that were used:

  • (2) Ikea Frame 21x30cm (RIBBA) – $7.90 each*
    • Size of picture without mat board: 21x30cm
    • Size of picture with matte board: 13x18cm
  • (2) Ikea Frame 30x40cm (RIBBA) – $9.90 each*
    • Size of picture without mat board: 30x40cm
    • Size of picture with mat board: 21x30cm
  • (2) Ikea Frame 40x50cm (RIBBA) – $12.90 each*
    • Size of picture without mat board: 40x50cm
    • Size of picture with mat board: 30x40cm

For this collage, we printed out the pictures based on the sizes of picture with mat board.The total amount spend on both IKEA frames and IKEA print sizes are $61.40 and $54 respectively.

If you are looking for IKEA photo sizes to print, you can check it out here.

*Note: Prices were based on IKEA’s online website.

You can also do a collage using our Instaframes:

Instaframe Collage

If you guys are curious to how much this will cost and the size used, below the details of it:

  • Frame size: 23x23cm
  • Photo size: 4″x4″
  • Photo + white border (mat board): 9″x9″
  • Each Instaframe: $20
  • Total cost of this collage: $180

You can check out our Instaframe here.

Below are some other collage layout you can try:



Collage Frames 2


Collage Frames 3

And that’s all peeps! Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Before we end of, here is a little tip to get more ideas for collage your frames: Use Pinterest – it’s a life saver for getting some ideas.

‘Till next time!