The Wonder of Canvas Photo Prints

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Today, we are going to share with you some canvas photo prints ideas are and how they can beautify your home. If you need a quick introduction to canvas photo prints, check out our blog post on the Basics of Canvas Printing before proceeding.

So why should we even print on canvas? Why don’t we just stick to printing on photo paper? Here’s a rather simple comparison between the two:


Source: Pinterest

Printing on Canvas

  • Does not require a border/frame
  • Photo has a painted-on effect
  • Sides of the canvas are a continuation of the image (for canvas image wraps)
  • Has a 3D effect
  • Can be displayed in semi-humid environments (eg. Toilets)

Printing on Paper

  • Reflections from light can cause glare (especially for glossy finishes)
  • Details of the photos are clearly visible due to smooth surface
  • Framed prints can get quite heavy for larger sizes (depending on the frame used)

With the comparison now in place, let us now explore further on the various uses/ pros of canvas photo prints.

1. Big and Sophisticated Enough to be the Only Decorative Item

Source: Harpersbazaar
Source: Pinterest

These glorious canvas photo prints are so majestic on their own that many simply hang it up on their wall as their only decorative item to suit the theme of the room. There’s no need to clutter a place up just to decorate a place. For those who want to create the image of a larger room, this is one thing you can definitely consider adding to your cart.

Not only that, canvas photo prints have a dreamy feel with the photo having a painted-on effect. Many couples chose to print their wedding photos eventually in canvas prints to give them a softer and frameless look.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

2. One Photo, Multiple Canvas Photo Prints
Source: Octotreasure
Source: Pinterest

Also known as split canvas prints, every photo is ‘cut up’ into various canvas panels. This creates a very different kind of wall art as compared to just framed up prints.

3. Let your imagination run wild, create any pattern you want!

Source: Pinterest

Who said only one canvas print will look good while being hung up on the wall? Create a wall collage by featuring various photos that will bring back memories. Allow your creative juices to flow, choose how you want them to be displayed! You can even draw up an image of how you would like your wall to look like, then print your canvas prints to achieve the intended result.

The borderless effect really does make the room look “cleaner” and  more contemporary. Let’s not visualise and look at the difference below!

Canvas Prints

Source: Pinterest


Framed Prints

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I always knew canvas photo prints look amazing, but never did I know they can have such a different effect as compared to framed prints??

What are you waiting for, get your canvas prints at canvas printing Singapore today!

Till next time, our PFF Fam (: