Printing on Wood Blocks

Today’s article will be a little special… because it won’t be about normal photo prints! That’s no surprise since most of you probably clicked on this post cuz of the title so I won’t beat around the bush. We will be exploring various types of wood prints!

Well, regardless of whether you’ve heard of this before, let’s broaden our understanding of this product that interests me a great deal.

To pique your interest, here are a few samples:

drift_wildcraft 1
plywood print insta 1

Don’t they give you the rustic feel instead of the many chic and minimalist frames that people often place in their homes? These wood prints definitely ooze off homely charms that makes me wanna get my hands on them.

Now that we are on this topic, let me share with you more about the various kinds of prints on wood blocks. Wood is classified as a textured material instead of smooth materials like photo printing paper, hence it will definitely result in a different finish. Not only that, wood consist of wood grains like the ones where you see on tree trunks and branches. That will also affect the appearance of the photo. Let’s take a look!


i/ Clear Photos

rusticprintz insta 1


Over here the wood prints do not reflect wood grains on the surface of the photo itself. This is when the photo is entirely opaque and wood is not revealed, so as to reflect the quality of a photo printed on normal paper instead of wood itself.

Depending on how the photos are transferred onto the wood blocks, they will reveal either flawless photos (like the second picture) or photos with minor “defects”/white spaces that reminds us the beautiful truth of how perfectly imperfect we are. I’m not saying one is better than the other. Instead I think you should find one that matches what you have in mind.

Not only that, different printing companies can have different styles of printing their woodblock so be sure it’s the one you prefer!


ii/ Wood Grains on Photos

lumberprint insta 1
plywoodprint insta 2


Pretty sure by now you would have noticed the difference. These photos will accentuate the natural wood grains by revealing it on the lighter parts of the picture itself, creating a more natural feel. Not only that, the texture of the wood will result in something like the first photo you saw for this section.

For such photos, the image you sent in for printing will definitely look a little different from the product you will receive. Let’s take a look:

plywoodprint insta 3.jpg

This photo looks like it has been filtered! Here you can see how the light blue skies have all been filtered out to show the natural wood grain.


We also tried by ordering 2 woodblocks:


Its quite obvious which is the original photo and which is the wood print, so shall we take some time to appreciate how the wood grain actually makes the entire photo look so much nicer??

Now that you know more about these wood prints, you may ask: what occasions can we use it for? Well, fret not, scroll below to look at various ways you can input these beautiful wood prints into your events or home!


Wedding Decor:

sayitonwoodau insta 3


sayitonwood insta 2
sayitonwoodau insta 1

Instead of just gifting a photo on a wood print, why not attach some words that you want your parents/friends/partner to know? Sometimes such words are not easy to convey face-to-face and hence this serves as the perfect alternative to express our thanksgiving.


Home Decor:

timberwave insta 1
timberwave insta 2

I’m super amazed by how wood prints are even incorporated into clocks??? Maybe it’s just me but you gotta agree that these look super prettyyyyyyy. insta 1
Source insta 2

Talk about being creative. Personalised cartoon drawings on chopping boards. WOW.


Workplace Decor :
woodblock girls sides and frontwoodblock both


Word Prints on Wood Blocks:

kgwoodworking insta 1


We hope these information about wood prints helped you to understand more about them and see the beauty of it. Who knows it might be conveniently available online soon.  *Hints*

‘Til next time guys!