Printing – It’s all about choice

I stumble onto the Print For Fun website and realise that it’s full of different print formats. Metal prints, canvas prints, vintages – just a few to name. Virtually every type of print the world has seen is on the store! Except nothing seems right for me.

There’s just too many.

If I want Classics, I guess I could click on that. But Classics seems like a waste when there’s so many other interesting designs. True story, right? Don’t we always have this feeling; when there are so many choices, we can’t seem to make a decision? Barry Schwartz notes this in The Paradox of Choice.

“More is less.”

And so we close the window… BUT WAIT! Do the same thing as you always do at a restaurant. Ask the golden question. Ask it!

“What do you recommend?”

Of course, you can’t ask your computer screen for advice. We won’t be on the phone the whole day either. Not that it matters anymore, since we have a new script to give you some recommendations!

Try it here! Photo Resolution Checker

How does it work? Very simple. Once you upload an image file (png, jpg, jpeg and gif only) that isn’t above the file limit of 25MB, the script will check your image dimensions. In other words, the height and width of your photo in pixels.

The next step is slightly more complicated. Most of our prints are at 250-300dpi (dots per inch, or in other words image quality) other than canvas which is at 200dpi. If you haven’t seen our post on image quality, check it out here!

With this, we convert your image dimensions to inches and show you all the different kinds of prints that your photo will look great in. That leaves you with fewer types of prints to wrap your head around – and also better, clearer prints when you receive the package!