Print For Fun Credits Plan – For Your Photo Printing Needs

Welcome back to the PFF blog. Today we will be going through PFF credits and how these credits can benefit you and help you to save as you buy prints.
PFF has been thinking about our customers and their needs. Hence, we have come up with a credit system for your photo printing needs. The PFF credit system will allow you to buy prints at a further discounted price. The more credits you purchase in a transaction, the more you save. Do take note that this Print For Fun Credits Plan promotion last until 1st June. Do purchase them before then to enjoy this promotion.

PFF Credits Breakdown

We offer 3 different options for purchasing credits. You can opt for 100/150/300 credits. You will find a breakdown of the credits and cost in the table below.

PFF Credits Price

Amount saved


$90 $10 (10%)
150 $128

$22 (15%)



$60 (20%)

Save money as you get your photo printing done. The more credits you purchase with us, the more you save! 1 PFF credit = $1.

Credits FAQ

What is the expiry date of these credits?  The PFF credits will expire after a year of purchase and are not redeemable after expiry.

Can I transfer my credits to another account?
No. The PFF credits are not transferable.

What products can you buy with our PFF credits?
The PFF credits is applicable for all our products on Print For Fun except gift vouchers, photobooks, custom prints and any products from

Can I use the PFF credits to cover my entire transaction cost?
The PFF credits are only applicable to the cost of photo prints. PFF credits cannot be used to pay for shipping costs.

Can I still get the discount if I purchase in bulk? E.g. The cost of 1 4R is $0.60. However, if you buy more than 50 pieces, the price drops to $0.40 per piece.
Yes, you are still applicable for the discount.

And that’s it! If you wish to find out more or purchase our Print For Fun Credits Plan, you can check it out here.