Photography themes/effects to try this 2018!

Every year, we would usually have some goals that we want to accomplish in the new year. With the new year coming, why not have some photography goals that you want to accomplish. For those who love photography, stay tuned! We are going to list 5 themes you can try out!


1. Neon signs/Lights

If you are looking to do a theme with colours, lights and shapes, then Neon lights would be one of the themes for you to try! Neon signs/lights give off a unique glow that people love. Here are some examples:

Thank you neon sign Neon guitar sign

Neon sign Merry Christmas Neon Sign


2. Silhouette

There’s something about silhouette photos that seem to grab my attention. The contrast between the light and dark gives off a sense of beauty and mystery.  So why not, give this theme a go this 2018! Here are some photos that would give you an inspiration boost.

Building silhouette  Mystery

3. Reflections

Taking a photo of the reflection of the object can be a really cool way to take a photo. You may never know what beautiful shots you may get by taking a photo of the reflection. You don’t have to always take on a smooth, flat surface. You can also take a reflection on a cracked glass or clear glass ball or on water. Here are some inspiration photos for you to get inspired.

Cracked mirror Reflection on water


4. Motion photography

We tend to see motion photography on Instagram, etc and been wanting to try it out. This year why not try this theme out! Simple things like a fast moving car, moving bicycle, waves, etc. can be a beautiful thing to capture. Plus, it is easy to capture. After all, a motion is everywhere. Here are some photos to give you some inspiration:

Bicycle Walking

5. Levitation

This is a fun way to trick your friends into thinking that you can levitate by trying this photography effect. Plus, you are not limited to just levitating a person, you could also try levitating an object too! Here are some examples:

Levitation effect chairs Levitation effect

If you guys are curious how it is done, check it out here.

And that’s it! The 5 photography themes/effects you could try this coming new year. Try it out! Hope everyone accomplishes their goals this new year! Have a blessed new year!