Looking for a unique gift for someone special, but nothing seems to stand out? Look no further! Our Photocubes make the ideal gifts. These interactive cubes capture your best moments in a creative way.

With the surprise of a different picture at every turn, some call them the Magic Flipping Photo Cube or even the Infinity Photo Cube.

Here’s a short video demonstrating how they reveal different pictures.

There are many occasions worth documenting on our Photocubes. From anniversaries to birthdays and even graduations. Let your creativity run wild! If you need some inspiration, check our previous post, 5 Ideas On What To Print On Photocube.


Our Photocubes are 7cm long on each side, consisting of 6 square photos and 3 rectangular photos in matte finishing. Each Photocube comes in a gift box so you can save yourself the hassle of finding one!

Photocube Square Photo

Photocube Rectangle Photo

What are you waiting for? Start looking for those perfect photos! With your personal touch, these Photocubes will surely warm the hearts of your loved ones.