Photobook Printing: How to create your own design

Welcome to Print For Fun’s blog. We hope everyone had a refreshing rest and fun during the long weekend last week. In today’s blog post we would be talking about one of our classic products, the Photobook. Our Photobook is a perfect gift for any occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, farewell or event. Our Photobook printing is a hassle-free photobook printing service where you can upload your photos straight from your phone in less than 5 minutes.

Currently we have two sizes for our Photobook: 6 inch x 6 inch and 8 inch x 8 inch. In our previous blog posts, we had shared more about how our chat-to-order photobook printing works and the various ideas you can print on them. For those who may have missed the blog posts, you can read more here: Heybooks! FAQ for our chat-to-order photobook printing and photo books online – 5 ideas on what to print. 

By default, the images in our photobook printing are fit-to-print without cropping, i.e. the square images will fill it up (up to the white border), landscape and portrait images would fit-to-print without any cropping. As our photobook only allows one image per page, we will like to share with you how you can add a collage or words to your memorable photos to add a personal touch to the photobook. We will be sharing some ideas of what you do via Canva.

Squared Ratio Template

Portrait Ratio Template

Landscape Ratio Template

Through Canva, you can create fun and creative collage and designs that give a personal touch to your photobook. When creating your own design, keep in mind the main theme you wish to go for. For example, colour scheme, the occasion such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc. Once you are done and happy with the design, you can download it and upload it through the chat. Afterwards, you can sit back and relax while we craft the preview of the photobook and send it over to you for your approval. As all the pages in our photobook comes will have w hite border, you need not worry about any bleeding during printing. The sky’s the limit to your creativity!

And that’s it! Hope this blog post has been informative for you guys and you have some ideas what you can print on our photobook. You can check out our chat-to-order photo printing service here. Leave a comment below on what kind of designs would you like to create for your photobook! 

‘Till next time!