Photo Printing Services: Tips On Printing Your Own Designs On Classic Prints

Hello everyone. Welcome back to the PFF blog. With phase 2 well underway, many of us have started to go back to the office. The Covid outbreak is not looking any better and some of us may be afraid to go out or even restricted by our parents to limit our time spent outside. Hence, what we can do at home is to print photos of our loved ones to decorate our houses and also remind us of the most memorable time you had.

Today we will be going through our most popular prints from our photo printing services: the classic prints. Many of us print our family photos, photos of our loved ones on our Classic Print Sizes. PFF is back with a twist on our classic prints. Since most of us still spend a substantial amount of time at home, why not you use this time to design templates for photographs of yourself and your loved ones via Canva.

Team PFF has handpicked some templates on Canva for you guys to try out or make reference to when designing your very own photo template.

2R Template

Sample design of a classic 2R image. Click here to try out the template.

3R Template

Sample design of our 3R template. Click here to try it out.

4R Templates

Sample designs of our 4R template. Click here to try it out.
Sample designs of our 4R template. Click here to try it out.

By using Canva to design your pictures, this gives it a more personalized touch and also your prints will be a one of a kind print as the design that you have come up with is exclusive to you only. After designing your photos, you can upload them onto our website for our photo printing services. Our photo printing services has a wide variety of range of prints you can choose from for you to print your design. Some good themes that you can consider using when designing your templates include Hari Raya, Father’s Day, Christmas, Valentines Day etc.

There is no limit to your creativity when it comes to designing templates for your photographs. However, there are some key pointers that you should take note when designing your very own template:

  1. Set the print size on Canva to the respective classic print image size. You can refer to our website for the dimensions.
  2. Avoid having words or heads too close too the edge of the photograph as they may get truncated off during printing due to bleeding.

It is critical that you adhere to the pointers we mentioned else your design may not come out the way you envision it to.

That’s all for today folks. We hope that you have found this blog post useful. Do share it with your family and friends and we look forward to printing with you. Til next time. Cheers.