Online Photo Printing: Recap of 2020 Instagram Trends

Your average Instagram user spends almost half an hour each day on the app, which means photos that looked fresh years ago have already lost some of their sparkle. To hold their attention, you want to keep up with the latest Instagram photo trends. But not to worry! In today’s blog, we’ve rounded up the top trends in 2020! What’s more, we have a wide range of online photo printing products that would make these photos even more stunning!

1. “No edit” editing

Instagram used to be the spot for flawless, curated images: pristine brunch plates, airbrushed beach photos, and glossy interiors. But that aesthetic is over.

Source: LOJEL Travel

Users prefer photos that look real. Images with a little texture are more interesting than flawlessly edited landscapes or portraits. However, you don’t need to abandon all editing to make this trend work for you. You can clean up your photos by removing blemishes or dirt with an app like TouchRetouch. Adjusting brightness or contrast will also subtly improve your images!

2. The Throwback Selfie

Not to be a downer, but the early months of 2020 have been characterised by isolation. That makes it tough to seek out an attention-grabbing backdrop and stage the perfect photoshoot.

As a result, the humble mirror selfie is on the rise again. These images feel a little more intimate and natural than staged photos, and as a bonus, you can shoot them without a tripod.


To maintain the throwback appeal of this format, consider enhancing the graininess in a tool like Adobe Lightroom to add the kind of texture that’s characteristic of film. Or use Afterlight to add subtle dust and light leak effects to photos.

3. The maximalist food photo

For a long time, food images on Instagram were tidy and refined: a square of avocado toast on a pastel plate, an artful cappuccino, a perfect Momofuku cake.

Now, that aesthetic feels a bit cliché and instead, viewers are craving food that looks vibrant and messy.

To achieve this look, you want to edit your photos for high contrast and saturation, to achieve a crisp, vivid look.

The photo editing tool VSCO is great for food photos, with a ton of filters that enhance your images. Use a filter like G3 to add vibrance, or A3 for clean, bright tones.

4. The Monochrome Photo

Images that stick to a single color family look clean and crisp on the feed.

This monochrome look is dramatic and interesting, giving a straightforward photo an editorial feel.

To enhance your images, clean up distractions like dirt or shadows from your backdrop with an app like Touch Retouch. It helps you remove unwanted objects from your photos while retaining a natural look.

A more multipurpose tool like Adobe Photoshop Express can also help you dial up the saturation of your featured tones while keeping your photo balanced and beautiful.

5. The Neon Edit

Another trend with a retro kick is neon, glowing brightly all over Instagram.

Source: Travis Curry

Projecting an active and energetic mood, It’s a good fit for cinematic shots, dramatic portraits, or fitness brands. You can achieve this sultry vibe through your photo set-up, by positioning pink and blue lights on either side of your subject. But an even easier method is through the aptly-named Neon app, full of colorful filters.

Final Thoughts

Ready to bring your photos into the next decade? Remember, trends are supposed to be fun— if you enjoy the content you’re creating, chances are your audience will too. And while you’re at it, take this chance to print these wonderful photos that you can keep and admire for many years to come!

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Till next time, cheers!