Moments, Memories and Milestones

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Moments are fleeting.
Memories fade away.
Milestones happen once in a lifetime.

Therefore, they all deserve to be safely kept. Since they hold a special place in our hearts, they should have a special place in real life too, where we can see and feel and touch them.

Of course, with the advancement of technology, it makes perfect sense to keep all our photos in our phones, computers and back them up onto cloud storage. Yes, I do that too, so I don’t lose any single photo that has been taken and possibly forgotten. But also because photos are so easily stored, we take so many of them that it gets so dense! I’m sure I’m not the only one who have experienced this – trying to find that one photo I took on that one trip,  but end up having to comb through a seemingly endless sea of photos.

Sure, organising them into albums help, but those exceptionally special moments and memories – milestones – deserve to be more than just a few photos amidst an ocean of them!

That’s why we put photos in our wallets, hang up family photos in the living room – or anywhere really obvious in the house – and frame up graduation photos, wedding photos, baby photos, 21st birthday photos… and many more.

photo frames on the wall
Source: aveilofmodesty

It’s always heartwarming to be reminded of your favourite moments, memories and milestones where you can easily see them.

Milestones, especially, are the moments we really remember and want to reminisce as we go on, and even share with our friends, our children, grandchildren… 🙂

I love flipping through photo albums and discovering the stories behind them, especially when they are stories of a loved one that I have not witnessed.

when i was younger photo

Maybe it is of myself before I had working memory.

wedding photoSource: Rosie Ann

Maybe it is of my parents and their love story.

old photo singapore Source: SG50

Maybe it is of my grandparents and how they came to be.

Whatever it is, these memories are all priceless. Hence, we should have a special place for them, maybe in a frame, in a scrapbook, on a wall, in an album… Somewhere we can easily access and relive those moments again.


use this

These picture memories are priceless, so if they are in print, we can hold them close and feel them in our hands – the older they grow, the more valuable they become.

Print your favourite moments with us here, and find special places to keep them safe, or show them off.

Take care of all your memories, for you cannot relive them.
– Bob Dylan

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