Introducing our Serious Prints Photo Printing Products

Hello everybody. Welcome back again to the PFF blog. Today we will be elaborating more about seriousprints and the unique products that we offer.

At seriousprints, we have a range of products which include:

  1. Canvas Prints
  2. Framed prints
  3. Baby 12-Month Collage
  4. Gallery Wall
  5. Metal Prints
  6. Wood Prints
  7. Fine Art Prints
  8. Photo Cube
  9. GIF Print
  10. Passport Photos

Today we will be focusing on a few key products:

  1. Canvas Prints
  2. Framed Prints & Gallery Wall
  3. Baby 12-Month Collage

Canvas Prints

Our canvas prints are well-loved by our customers. They come in 20 different sizes so you can choose an appropriate size that suits your needs. Canvas prints are great for family portraits, wedding photos etc. For more ideas on what to print on canvas, do check out our previous blogpost on canvas panel display ideas. Canvas prints are high-quality prints that are meant to last. We use quality inks with quality canvas sheets to give the best print out you can get. As canvas prints are made to last, do select a photo that you will not get bored of.

Framed prints & Gallery Wall

Our framed prints are encased in a rectangular or square wooden frame. You can beautify your walls by getting framed prints and hanging them up. If you have more than one photo you wish to hang up but cannot decide on the design, we sell framed prints in a set as well. The set comprises of a few framed prints and if you get the set, it is cheaper as well. Buy more and save more!

Our framed prints range from 8” x 8” / 20cm x 20cm (Mini Square Frames) to 11 7/10” x 8 3/10” / 30cm x 21cm (A1). With the wide variety of sizes offered, we’re certain that you can find an appropriate size suited for your needs.

We have also designed some layouts for you guys so when you order a set of framed prints from us, you need not worry about which layout works best for you.



Our Blossom layout is an extremely unique one. We have arranged it in a flower-like design for you to display your favourite prints. Our blossom layout comes with 5 A3 frames and 2 Square frames. Do check it out on our website.

Instagram Tiles

Our Instagram Tiles layout can help to transform your wall to look like an Instagram Feed. Simply choose your favourite photos and get them printed. Our Instagram tiles come with 9 square frames. You can check them out on seriousprints. If you find the square frames a little too big for your liking, we do offer Instagram tiles that use mini square frames instead of square frames.

Photo Tiles

The photo tiles is most appropriate for those who have small wall space and want to decorate them with framed prints. Our photo tiles set comes with 4 mini squared frames

Three’s A Crowd

Our Three’s A Crowd layout is simple yet elegant. It comes with 3 different framed prints of the same size. The set consists of 3 A frames. Depending on your needs, you can choose the appropriate frame size to suit your needs. The A frame sizes we offer range from A1 to A4. Do note the frame sizes you choose must be the same for 1 set.


Our Waves design is arranged in a wavy pattern. It is perfect for wide walls where one picture just doesn’t make the cut! Our waves design comes with a set of 5 A frames. Similar to three’s a crowd, we offer frame sizes for A1 to A4. However, the frame sizes you select must be the same for 1 set.

Baby 12-month collage:

Our Baby 12-month collage is a unique product only available on seriousprints. It is perfect for celebrating your baby’s 1-year milestone. You can personalise your baby’s first-year collage to keep track of his or her growth throughout the first twelve mounts. What’s more, you can use the baby collage as décor for the baby shower. This helps to add a personal touch to this special event. Afterwards, you can hang up the baby collage on your wall. The collage contains 13 photos with each photo representing 1 month. You can also add in special text and your baby’s name. You can check them out on seriousprints.

That’s it for today folks. We hoped you have found this post informative and useful. Do share this post with your friends. Til next time. Cheers.