Instagram Poster: Creating Your Story

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Hello everybody. Welcome back to the PFF blog. On today’s blog post, we will be elaborating more about Instagram posters and how you can use them to create your own story to tell your viewers or children. The Instagram poster uses a collage to help to tell a story to your viewers. The collage comprises of 20-96 images depending on the size of the poster you select. Our Instagram posters come in a range of sizes, either the A sizes or the Ikea sizes. Depending on your needs you can select different sizes to place the Instagram poster in your home.

To give you guys a rough guide on what pictures are suitable for the Instagram poster, PFF has come up with some themes that you can use to create your Instagram poster. We recommend using a common theme when selecting the images for the Instagram poster. By using a common theme, the story that is being told on the Instagram poster is more easily brought across to viewers.

Some common themes include:


By using images of your travels, it helps to bring across the most memorable parts of your travels and you can reminisce on the best travelling moments of your journey around the world.

Image credits: Kelly


Another common theme that our customers often go for is anniversaries. The poster make a great gift for anniversaries and our customers often choose images of how it all started and it slowly progressing to where they are today.

Image credits: Ellie


Lastly, our customers also frequently use family as a theme. They select images of where the family was initially and how it has grown especially with the addition of young ones.

Image credits: Marissa

Customizing the background colour and words.

Besides using a common theme, you can also change the background colour and add a few words into the Instagram poster.

Image credits: Wong Shire Min

Ways to display

Finally, we have a few options to display the Instagram poster.

  1. Frame the Instagram poster up
  2. Wooden hangers
  3. Stick it down

Most of our customers opt for framing the Instagram poster up. By going for a frame, our customers can decorate their walls by hanging up the Instagram poster.

Alternatively, some of our customers prefer using a wooden hanger instead of a frame to display their Instagram posters. The wooden hanger helps the Instagram poster to give off a more rustic vibe which is what some our customers are looking for.

Last but not least, some customers prefer not to have any frame or hangers. They simply paste it onto their walls. This recommended for customers who want to display it on for example cupboards.

Image credits: Joanna

And that it folks. We have come to the end of the blog post for today. We hope that you have found this blog post meaningful. Do share the blog post with your family and friends. Til next time! Cheers!