Ideas to print on artist matte paper

You would have probably known by now that we have officially launched our very own art prints. This print is popular among wedding photographers, couples, young parents, etc. Don’t fret if you guys are not professional photographers. Art print is for everyone.

Plus, you have the option to choose an ultra smooth paper or a textured paper. Below is an example of our textured and ultra smooth paper. Both types of paper have a different character to them. It gives a different feel to the printed image.

Textured vs smooth

Curious to know what you can print on this print? We would list some ideas for you to try out!


Our art prints are a great way to print memorable and sweet moments that the photographers capture. You could have one hanging on the wall or you could use it as a decoration for your wedding.

Wedding Art prints



If you already have a photo wall of your family photos and are looking for something different to decorate your living space? Why not print unique and creative art prints to decorate your home. A splash of creativity in your humble abode.




Photography shots are ideal for art prints. It showcases the mood and expression that the photographers want to express. Have a friend that loves photography? Why not print their favourite photography pictures and surprise them!




And that’s it! Hope you guys have some rough ideas on what you can print on our art prints. You can check it out here to know more and to get it printed. Oh, did I mention that we do custom sizes for our art prints?

‘Till next time!