Ice cream stick frame DIY

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Doesn’t it get frustrating when you want to frame up your little small prints but there is no perfect size for it? Or you just want something different for your prints? Not to worry! In today’s blog, we are going to do a simple DIY: Ice scream stick frames. Get your DIY gear ready and let’s start!

The things you need:

  • Coloured ice cream sticks
  • Glue
  • Scotch tape/washi tape
  • Photos (The photo I used is a large vintage)

Things needed

I’m going for a colour theme for this DIY. I would be using the blue ice cream sticks and glue them all together. Let it dry. Once it is dry, it should be like this:

After gluing the ice cream sticks

Once the glue is dry and the ice cream sticks are firmly glued together, tape the photo onto it.

Tape the photo onto the ice cream sticks

Ta-dah! As simple as that!


You can also do it like this:

Example 1



Example 2



Hope you guys enjoy the DIY. Unleash your creativity and frame up your little prints! Bye for now and see you guys in the next post!