How to Print your Instagram Photos

You have lots of photos in your Instagram account and you would very much love to keep some memories in print.

A lot of Instagram users wonder where they can print their Instagram photos or how to turn Instagram photos into prints. Essentially, the question we should be asking is: Where can I print my square photos?

Printing square photos give you endless possibilities for decoration. Squares look great when they are put together in a collage. You can paste them on the wall. You can hang them on fanciful threads. You can print them into stickers and paste them on your phones and laptops.

But how do you print your instagram photos?

At a photo shop in Singapore, the usual method of transferring the photos from your phone is via Bluetooth. You can still print a 4R image that is “FIT TO PICTURE” and it will end up with white spaces on either side of the photo and then you just need to trim both sides off with a penknife or a cutter. (see the photo below)

Print directly from your phone via photo printing apps

Now, there are a lot of apps which you can download which allows you to print photos directly from your phone. The interface of the app may differ slightly but they all allow you to access your photo library which includes the photos you posted on Instagram. You can then select the photos all in one go, and select the print-out size you like. If your Instagram photos are squares, then your print-outs should be squares also, to prevent any unnecessary cropping of your photos.

One of the apps in the market is “Print For Fun Photo Prints” app.

• Search “Print For Fun” in the iPhone app store and download it. (currently only available for iPhone)

• Click on “Order Prints”

• Click on “Add photos to order”

• Simply add your photos and click “Order”

• Choose the photo print out size you like-> 4X4 4S Standard (4 inch by 4 inch with white border) or 3X3 sticker

• Select Glossy or Matte

• Checkout

• Enter Delivery Information (Only need to fill this in once)

• Select Shipping Method

• Key in Billing Details and you are done.

Generally, all apps work the same way. You will receive an order confirmation and the delivery time for Print For Fun is 3 working days.

Print your Instagram photos from your desktop

Some of you may want to keep a copy of all your Instagram photos on your laptop. There are online services available which grabs your entire archive of Instagram photos and downloads them to your computer in one handy zip file.

One such service is

• You need to sign in to your Instagram account

• It allows you to export all your photos into a zip file

• You can download the zip file.

It’s pretty simple to use. But one word of advice. Instagram automatically resizes your photos to 1080 px by 1080 px. So if you use instaport or any other similar services, the photos you download from Instagram will be 1080 px by 1080 px as of July 2015. The standard for photo printing is 300 dots per inch. 1080 px (or dots) mean you can print up to ~4-inch squares. Any bigger your photo quality will be compromised.

Once you have your instagram photos ready and want to print them, head over to You can upload your photos and print your instagram photos from there.

If you have lots of beautiful Instagram photos waiting to be printed, you can start printing today!