How To Pick The Right Photo Frame For Your Prints

Picking photo prints is just the first step to hanging up your picture on the wall. What about the photo frame? How will you go about choosing the right photo frame to enhance your piece and complement your interior space?

There are many factors to consider, and it can get overwhelming. With a variety of colours, materials and shapes, Print For Fun guarantees the prints we offer to go along with it are the best. In today’s blog, we will be sharing with you tips on how to pick the right photo frame when you’re faced with a dilemma!

What Colour?

Pick a colour from the photo print

Selecting a colour based on your photo print is always a safe option to not only accentuate a specific colour but also give off a feeling of continuity within the display.

pink orchids flowers

Opt for neutrality

If you don’t want to emphasize a specific colour in your piece with an opposite-coloured frame, going with a neutral-coloured frame is great to complement any piece of work. With 2 classic neutral frames black and white, they can really make all colours pop within the frame.

Tips For Choosing A Frame

1. To help your photo print stand out, ensure your frame colour isn’t too similar to your wall colour or photo print colour

2. Select a lighter frame for casual, simple photo prints and choose a darker frame for more elegant, formal pieces

How to Choose the Best Frame for Your Print | Gray Malin

3. Don’t overemphasize matching specific colours in your photo to the frame colour

Substitutes For A Photo Frame

Canvas Prints

Apart from photo frames, Print For Fun offers canvas prints to go along with your photo prints. They printed onto canvas using our industrial-grade printer. In other words, a photograph is transformed into a lasting piece of art. 

Canvas Panels

Metal Prints

Not looking for canvas prints? Check out our metal prints as well! Specially-coated aluminium with a white-gloss finish to achieve a stunning look, it is scratch-proof, water-proof and spill-proof!

Metal Prints

Square Frames

Another alternative would be our very own square frames! Available in 2 sizes, mini and large, your prints will be encased in a square wooden photo frame to be displayed. Square frames are perfect for printing some of your favourite moments in a single frame.

4x4 black large square frame

Choose Your Own Frame

Print custom prints with us today along with any frame of yours. Simply bring any frame you would like to print in and print any custom size with us. We print only on 275gsm with lustre premium quality photo paper.