How to check image quality?

Ever wondered why is it that when we print a photo, it comes out blurry even though it looks very clear on our smartphones? In today’s blog post we are going to explain why and give you a tool for you to use to print your photos.

The reason as to why it comes out blurry even when it looks good on your phone, is usually due to the dimensions of the image. I’m going to avoid any technicalities. To put it simply, a picture has a limit to how much it can ‘stretch’ to a size. Going beyond the maximum size of what the image should be printed in could result in the printed image being blurry.

Not to worry, we know have a image resolution checker for you to use to check which prints and what size would be the best to print. Say goodbye to blurred printed pictures!

Introducing our Image Resolution Checker

Now, we have a useful tool for you guys to check what size would be best to print your photos. We are going to explain where to find the tool and how to use it. This is going to be your BFF when you are planning to print photos.

Firstly, you can find it under the ‘Help’ tab on our Print For Fun website. You can also click on here to try it out.


Choose file and upload
Choose file and upload
After uploading
An explanation of how to use the information given


A little tip:

Avoid printing a Whatsapp and Instagram image for bigger size prints, ie A4 and bigger. As far as possible, try to use the original photo for printing.

Hope you guys enjoyed this informative blog! Now you don’t have to worry about whether the print will turn out blurry when printing the right size. 🙂

‘Till next time!