Frame Up Your Instagram Photos with Our Square Frames

If you’re looking for a way to get your Instagram photos printed and framed, you’ve come to the right place. Be it precious memories shared with your loved ones, or travel photos of your latest adventure, our square frames will help to capture your favourite moments in a single frame.

Dimensions of our Square Frames & COLOURS AVAILABLE

Our square frames measure 34 cm x 34 cm and are available in 4 different colours: Black, White, Blue and Light Wood.

Different Colours of Square Frames Available

Our website takes all the photos you’ve submitted and crops them to a 1:1 ratio. Your main subject should be in the centre of the photo so that it will not be cropped off. After uploading your photos, our website allows you to adjust your photos by moving them around to your ideal crop.

We provide a white border mount with each square frame print, unless you have chosen to add text to your square frame print or a background colour that is non-white. We use high quality semi-gloss paper for your square frame prints.

Layouts of Square Frames Available

Depending on the look you’re going for, or the number of photos you wish to fit within your square frame, there are 3 different layouts available for you to choose from. We have provided some popular choices of square frame prints by our customers for each layout offered.

Theme: Travel // Featuring our Blue Square Frame with a 2×2 GridBlue Square Frame - Travel with Friends

Photos within a 2×2 grid square frame measure 4.375 inches by 4.375 inches.

Theme: Pregnancy Journey // Featuring our Light Wood Square Frame with a 3×3 Grid

Photos within a 3×3 grid square frame measure 2.875 inches by 2.875 inches.

Theme: Baby Photos // Featuring our White Square Frame with a 4×4 Grid

White Square Frame - 4x4 Baby Photos

Photos within a 4×4 grid square frame measure 2.25 inches by 2.25 inches.

We also offer our square frames in a smaller size, in which we call mini square frames. A mini square frame measures 23 cm by 23 cm. To find out the exact measurements of the photos in our mini square frame, you can head over to our product page for mini square frames.

And that’s it fam! Hope you found blogpost useful and we’ll see you in our next one!