Dream Room Inspiration– 7 Levels of Room Décor (Part 1)

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ve dreamed of having the picture perfect room that will have your friends – or anyone, really – go “woahhhh” and want to take over your room… It can’t just be me, right?

However, one thing stands between me and my perfect room – my laziness.

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I’ve scoured through the Narnia of the internet that is Pinterest and looked at many, many, many pictures to find the simplest and easiest things you can do to level up your room. Daz right, minimal effort and maximal results!

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There are a few main parts of your room you can use as your canvas – the bedside wall, a blank wall (if available), and your study area/table. (Also, if applicable: any random corner of your room just for display).

The rules are simple: keep it simple, cosy and pleasing to the eyes – think photos, fairy lights, and your favourite quotes, or even, your name.

Today, let’s talk about the bed! YES, my favourite place on Earth.

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The bed is where one feels most comfortable and at home in the entire house (and room). Hence, adding heart-warming elements – memories and moments, among other things – can make your bed extra cosy, and make you feel all warm and fuzzy and smiley every time you go to bed.

Level 1: Photos

I don’t know about you, but I still love being able to see and touch photos (all the memories!) despite it being just a few taps or clicks away on my laptop or smartphone. It is another feeling to see all your favourite moments the moment you wake up or enter your room!

What you need:

  1. Some wall space
  2. Blu Tack
  3. Photos

You can choose to keep it simple…

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…or go all the way with your blank wall – quotes, posters, letters, art pieces… Your imagination is the only limit.

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Level 2: Photos in frames

If you have frames lying around the house, you can use them to display your photos to have a more structured and organised look. Different frames will also exude different styles – from monochrome to woody rustic. If you don’t have them readily available at home, you can always head to DAISO or IKEA to get frames for cheap – they’ll look pretty neat.

Again, you can go minimalist…

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… or go ahead and fill up your entire wall! 🙂

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Level 3: Photos with washi tape frames (for the not-so-lazy)

If you’re about that washi tape life, then this idea is perfect for you! No frames, no problem! With just a little planning and creativity, you can have your own unique framed masterpiece(s) on a wall!

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Level 4: Photos and pegs

Photos + pegs + line = easiest way to get a super aesthetic display. I don’t know if it is the rustic feel of the twine or the cute little pegs, but I fell in love with it at first sight!

You can hardly go wrong, too – just find a nice empty wall space, and get “giap-ing”! (read: “giap”, v., to clip or peg things, usually refers to securing something between two things)

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For the advanced, those who want to take it to another level, here’s a pimped up (more atas) version of the photos and pegs display, with metal lines and clips.

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Level 5: Photos and pegs in frames (for the not-so-lazy)

If you feel like photos + pegs are too basic, another way is to do it in frames (or on a cork board!).

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Level 6: Photos + pegs + fairy lights

Of course, you can/SHOULD always pimp things up with some fairy lights! Everything looks 10000000x better with fairy lights, amirite?!

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Level 7: For the creative + super effort

Get in touch with your inner artist and take your designs up a notch by combining ALL of the above ideas – and beyond.

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So… there’s that! Here are all the different levels of room décor you can play around with, all easily catered to the level of effort you want to put in. Hope this inspires you as much as it inspires us!

The most important thing is still to feel comfortable and at home in your room – it’s a bonus really, to have it picture perfect as in your dreams. 🙂

Itching to get started on your room now? Have your photos printed at our website or through our iPhone app!

Go make it happen!


(Credits: Feature image from goodhousekeeping.com)