DIY Time: “Lenticular” Card

It has been a while since we did a DIY. So in today’s blog post, we’ll be doing a DIY on making a “lenticular” card. Just a little information on “lenticular” card: It is where you will see 2 different images at 2 different angles respectively. Not to worry, it’s not┬ácomplicated. Get your DIY stuff ready and let’s begin!

The things that we need:

  • 2 photos (Note: I used 3R sizes for both photos)
  • One scrapbook/construction paper (Note: I would be using scrapbook paper for this DIY)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Materials needed

First, measure the length and width of both images. Then mark both the width of 1 image and the total length of both images onto the scrapbook paper. Then cut along the lines using scissors.

Mark scrapbook paper

Cut out scrapbook paper

Next, mark a point at every 1cm of the back of a photo. Then draw a line down as shown below.


Number them as shown below. Cut along the lines and do the same for the second photo. Avoid messing these two up as it could get very confusing.

Number each part

Let’s get back to the cut-out scrapbook paper. Mark a point every 1 cm just like we previously did for the two photos.

Mark folding cut out

Fold the first one back and the second part forward. It should look like the image below:

Fold of cut scrapbook paperFold of scrapbook paper_2

Do the same for the remaining paper and it should look like the image below:

Folded cut out scrapbook paper

Take the image labelled 1 of the first image and paste it on the first part of the folded scrapbook paper. Do the same for the second image. Below is an example:

Pasting first images

Repeat with the other number photos (Note: I will not be using the 13th part of the images). Cut out any excess of the scrapbook paper and discard any leftover or unused part of the image.

After pasting


Next, we are going to make a backing for it. Grab the scrapbook paper and place the lenticular photo on top. Measure 0.5cm outwards from all sides of the lenticular photo and mark it. After that, match the marks and glue the lenticular photo on it.

Adding backingMark backing


Final results


Here is the illusion:

Lenticular card illusion gif

Ta-dah! Your very own lenticular card! You can try this to impress your friends or if you want to try something creative with your existing photos.

Have fun trying! Ta-ta for now! ­čÖé