DIY Swing Pop Up Card

Another day, another DIY. Just like our previous blog post we posted last week, this would be a simple DIY for you guys to try. Always wanted to create a unique card for a birthday or an anniversary? The Swing Pop Up Card would be something different as a gift.

These are the materials needed:

  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Coloured Paper
  • Decorative Paper
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Penknife


First, cut out two coloured paper into 15.5cm x 30cm.

Afterwards, fold the first coloured paper into half. At the other half of the folded paper, fold into half again.

For the second coloured paper, fold into half. Then, mark a 2cm gap and then cut it out. (Optional: You can place add a decorated paper first)

Afterwards grab the first coloured paper and place in the second coloured paper as shown below:

Mark and draw on the second coloured paper through the hole as shown below:

Then, cut out based on the line as shown below:

Fold the ‘flap’ into half as show below.

Then, glue the arrowed areas:

Paste it on the first coloured paper

And then you are done! What’s left is decorating with decorative paper or even a photo. In this blogpost, we would be using a large square print though I suggest using a small square print instead as the large square print weight may not work as well for this blogpost.

And that’s it! A simple DIY for a gift or a keepsake. Hope you guys had fun with our DIY Swing Pop-up Card and got some ideas or inspiration for a gift. If you guys need more inspiration you can check our previous DIY such as DIY Photobook.

‘Till next time!