DIY Scratch Off Picture

It’s time for another DIY. This time round will be doing a DIY Scratch Off Picture. I saw this one day and had to try it out.

The materials you will be needing:

  • Acrylic paint (any brand and any color. I’m using a silver acrylic paint for this DIY)
  • Clear Tape
  • A picture (I’m using a small vintage print. You can use any print/picture.)
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • Dish washing detergent (any brand)
  • Paper plate



So here we go.

First, tape the picture down on the table so that it would not move and the borders so that the paint will not get onto it.

Place the acrylic paint onto the paper plate and then add the dish washing detergent. The amount I used is as below.

DIY Scratch off Paint

Mix it all together.  Then paint onto the picture. So it will look something like this:

DIY Scratch Off Picture

Add another coat if certain parts are still visible. Once it is dry, remove the tapes at the borders.

DIY Scratch Off Picture

I tested out by scratching it using a coin.

DIY Scratch Off Picture       Picture-6

Works like magic!

And there you have it. Your very own diy scratch off picture. You can do this as a surprise for a birthday or valentines.

‘Till next time!