DIY: Creating Your Own Acrylic Prints

Our photo printing service are great if you are looking to spice up your home decor especially with various products available on our website. We have previously done many DIY for you to spice up your home. In today’s blog post, we will be sharing another simple piece that you could try. Create your own acrylic prints and bring life to your living space.

Let’s get started!

Items needed for Acrylic Prints:

  • A backless/floating frame
  • Stickers – you can purchase this via our business prints (
  • Squeegee – you can use a card if you do not have a squeegee
  • Illustrator
  • Penknife

Step 1

Design your artwork via Illustrator. Do make sure that the artboard is based on the acrylic size. Also ensure objects inside the artwork are vectors. Afterwards, print the stickers through our business prints website (

Step 2

Once you have received your order, take out the acrylic or glass from the frame and clean it with a damp cloth to ensure that there is no dust or dirt when are you pasting it onto the acrylic/glass.

Step 3

Paste it onto the acrylic/glass gently. Use a squeegee to smoothen out the sticker and ensure that there is no sticker on acrylic or glass. Cut out any excess using a penknife. Afterwards, assemble it together with the frame.

If you wish to have the sticker as separate pieces, the steps will be different and may be more difficult than a one-piece sticker.

Separate sticker set (Decal)

Step 1

Paste a transfer tape onto the sticker. Use a squeegee to smoothen out the tape.

Step 2

Peel the artwork of the sticker backing slowly. Ensure that the artwork is sticking to the tape. This will take trial and error in doing so.

Step 3

Paste the tape onto the acrylic/glass. Use the squeegee to smoothen and ensure that the artwork is sticking to the acrylic or glass. Peel the tape off the acrylic or glass slowly.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it! Simple acrylic prints to add some razzle-dazzle to your living space. We advice purchasing it as a full sticker instead of individual cut-out piece for the artwork as it will be easier for you to paste onto the acrylic or glass. Hope you guys found this DIY fun and came up with some ideas for you to try.

‘ Till next time! Cheers!