Designing your own photo calendar

Are looking for the perfect custom gift this holiday season or great birthday gift ideas, or simply looking for the best way to showcase your favorite photos? We’ve got you covered with our custom photo calendars. In today’s PFF blog, we will be showing you how to create your own personalised photo calendar with the help of our online photo printing services.

Why Photo Calendars?

Featuring a 12-month display and plenty of customisation options, our photo calendars are both fun and functional. They are great for desktop display and they come in A5 size, which makes them lightweight and portable. What’s more, designing the right custom photo calendar can help you relive travel memories, show off beloved pets, delight grandparents with family photos and more.

Whatever your particular style, Print For Fun is ready to help you make your own calendar or print a calendar for friends and family. We’ll guide you through the creation process with our intuitive online design platform, where you can choose to upload all of your favourite photos, label special dates and more!

Design Your Own Personalised Calendar

Creating truly personal photo calendar is easy with our wide assortment of calendar design templates with different themes and accents. Learn how to create custom photo calendars in 4 steps:

Step 1: Select our product page

To get started, head on over the our photo calendar product page and click on “Order Now”. You’ll be directed to our product selection page where you would need to find the product which states “A5 Calendar (Beta)”. Next, proceed to choose your desired calendar template.

Step 2: Select a template

Our variety of photo calendar templates makes it so easy for you to design your own unique. Use the left panel of the design page to browse our wide range of photo calendar template. Simply click to select the one you fancy or that reflects your style best!


Now you want to sift through your photos to select the one that you want. The theme and purpose of your selected calendar design will be the primary guide for selecting the appropriate photo for your design. Once you found the photos you wish to feature, simply upload it by clicking on Upload.

You’ll be prompted about using Autofill to automatically and quickly place your photos in the calendar, or to place them manually. Autofill is the fastest and easiest way to create a calendar. You can then move your photos around, reorder pages, etc. Alternatively, you have the option of adding photos to your template manually if it works better for you!

Step 4: Add your photos, backgrounds, labels and layouts

Then, unleash your creativity and reap the benefits of our calendar design feature. Make use of our menu option located on the bottom of the calendar builder page to input your text, adjust the background, layout and anything else to fit your style. No design skills are necessary in order to make a marvelous photo calendar. Experiment and try them out to achieve a perfect visual feast!

Do note that once you begin creating a calendar, you can’t change the template.

Step 5: Save your calendar and start printing

If you start a photo calendar, and don’t have time to complete it, you can save your work and return to work on it later from your “My Projects” page. Once you finalise your art work, you can “Add To Cart” and submit it to us for printing!

OPTIONAL: Create your own calendar theme

You don’t have to choose from our popular calendar templates. Instead, you can let your creativity take over and design a calendar theme that represents you! Make sure you choose “Just White” Template before working on your design. You get to choose whatever accents and themes that suit your style and personality. The basic structure of the calendar however, remains unchanged i.e. the layout of the calendar days and table.

Final Thoughts

Whether you need one for work or just to keep yourself organized from day to day, nothing beats the humble calendar. But, better than displaying a generic one, why not design a personalised photo calendar for your home or workspace?

With our collection of calendar templates coupled with our easy editing tools, you’ll have a perfectly designed, unique calendar in no time. Create themed calendars revolving around your passions or interests then print your brand new calendar in stunning resolution. Instead of a framed photo, turn your favourite moments and memories into a one-of-a-kind photo calendar to usher in the new year of 2021.

Till next time, cheers!

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