Dear Daddy… A “Letter” to my Dad

Browsing through heartfelt letters of children for their fathers online, I can’t help but feel a slight tinge of jealousy. I’m envious of the kind of relationship they have and how they can get along well, or what we Singaporeans like to say, they can just “gum” (read: people who can get along) together.

Everyone yearns for the perfect family – A close-knit one that is supportive and loving. However, there are many families who do not operate the same way.

Mine is just one out of many. 

I received my father’s love in a different way. He was overly strict without being understanding and I felt very restricted and confined under his care. This affected our dynamics greatly and I felt that I could never really express my love to him.

Hence, our relationship will never include a letter to each other. Not that he wasn’t loving; he just didn’t try to understand how to communicate to his child well. 

Well, I’m not here to share with you how it is a daily struggle to treat my dad the way I should have done correctly. There will never be a clear right and wrong to that. Neither am I here to tell you how you should feel envious of those who parents have a fantabulous relationship with their children. Different families have different dynamics and we should not put ourselves down by comparing.  I’m simply here to provide my way of giving a “letter” to my dad. 

People say, ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’. I couldn’t agree more. The fact that we don’t have many photos together makes it all the more precious. Hence, my “letter” to my dad…

 Dad and I

Today, I choose to look past the imperfections each of us have. I choose to let the photo convey the emotions I cannot bring myself to say. I choose to thank him for bringing me up to the person I am today – happy, healthy and whole.

Daddy, Happy Father’s Day. 

For those who feel the same way as me, perhaps this is one way you can go about showing your father some love too. And for those who haven’t thought of a gift for your father, why not consider this? A letter from a child to his dad is always special. Let this be your personal “letter” to your dad today.

Till next time,
Team PFF (: