Create Your Own Design For Photo Cube

Hello everybody. Welcome back to the PFF blog. On today’s blog post, we will be talking about one of our most popular products, the Photo Cube. Our Photo Cube is a unique gift which can be given for many different occasions such as an anniversary gift, Valentine’s Day gift, Father’s Day gift etc.

Our Photo Cube comes in 2 different designs, the Classic design and the Valentines design. It also comes with an elegant box and you need not worry about finding a gift box to go with the Photo Cube.

For the Classic Photo Cube, 9 photos (6(7cmx7cm) and 3(14cmx7cm) photos) are required to craft the photo cube. We recommend using photos that signify your most memorable times together.

Alternatively, you can consider adding a template or words to your most memorable photos to add an extra personal touch. We will be going through how you can add a template or words to the photo via Canva.

Adding Templates

At Print For Fun, our team has hand picked some templates that you can use for various occasions such as for anniversaries, Father’s Day and baby showers.

The template is a great way to speed up the process of designing your own photo. Some templates come with texts and even elements. If you find the templates a little too plain for your liking, you can always add in more elements and texts.

Adding of elements

By using Canva, you can add in certain elements that such as heart shapes, smiley face etc. These elements can aid you when designing your own photo for the photo cube, helping to create the vibe that you want.

Adding of texts

You can add in a personalized message into the photo or the date into the photo. This helps to give an extra personal touch to the photo being printed for the photo cube.

Important tips

One important point to note is that when you are creating your own design via Canva, do take note of the photo sizes as if they are of the wrong size, we will have to crop or expand the photo. Additionally, try to avoid faces or words near the edge of the design/photo as the printed stickers will be slightly truncated.

Anddd that’s all for today folks. We hop that you have found this blog post meaningful. Do share this blog post with your friends and family. Til next time. Cheers!