Couple Photography ideas to try

Ever wanted to step up your couple picture game on Instagram? Or looking for ideas on what to do for your pre-wedding photo shoot? In today’s blog, we are going to share with you some couple photography ideas you can try out!

‘I’ll follow you anywhere’

This got really popular on Instagram or any social media. It’s a cute way to show that wherever she goes you would follow.

'I'll follow you anywhere'


Relaxed and natural

If you are looking for a more natural and relaxed couple photography, this one is just for you. Just sit down and talk or even just enjoy each other’s presence.

Natural pose

Typography props

This is a fun and easy way to photograph. Try different facial expression and pose with the props. Grab some typography prop and try it out!

Typography props

Unique photostrips idea

Looking for something unique? This photography idea is just the thing for you. It’s where a partner enters the other partner’s frame. You don’t see this much anymore. So why not recreate it and bring this pose back into style.

Enter into another frame



Holding hands

Sometimes a simple pose or a shot is all we need. Just hold your partner’s hand and take a picture. You can add a little movement to the picture by walking while holding each other’s hands or use props i.e. fairy lights to make it more creative.

holding hands

Holding hands with prop

And that’s it for today folks! Hope you enjoy today’s blog and got some inspiration on what couple photo to take with your partner.

‘Till next time