Framed Canvas Prints – The Perfect Wedding Display

Weddings are one of life’s major events. Years down the road, you’ll want to look back on the memories from that day. Treasure moments from your special day with one of our versatile framed canvas prints!

Why Framed Canvas Prints?

Our framed canvas prints give off an artistic vibe. The textured surface adds more depth to your photograph while translating the best colours.

Bright venue for your reception? Don’t worry, our framed canvas prints are not reflective. Unlike picture frames, they blend into most backgrounds easily and bring out the best in your picture!

Their light weight also makes it easy to hang on walls. They’re the perfect choice for displaying pictures at your wedding and in your homes!

It’s a wrap!

Choose from one of two ways to wrap your framed canvas print; image wrap or colour wrap.

For image wrap, the picture is wrapped and secured around the canvas’  wooden frame.

As for the colour wrap, the full image is displayed on the face of the framed canvas print and the edges are coloured according to your preference. This is perfect for pictures that have people close to the edge.

displaying your framed canvas photo prints

Make them the highlight print of your wedding! You can place your framed canvas print on an easel at the entrance or even decorate it with fairy lights for a magical touch at your reception table.

Photo via Andri Tei

Want to display more than just one picture? Get creative with our framed canvas prints by creating a collage to add some special character to your venue. Lay out some of your favourite quotes/ memories with your significant other!

So what are you waiting for? Get your canvas prints today! Head over to canvas printing Singapore to place your orders.

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Till the next one, cheers!