Canvas Photo Printing In Singapore – Wedding Displays

Pre-wedding shoots are now more popular than ever. There are couples who even take it up a notch by flying overseas just to take photos overlooking the mountains or the beach.

As you receive the photos from your photographer, you would be sifting out the best ones and looking places for canvas photo printing in Singapore. Well, look no further. At Print For Fun, one of our services include canvas photo printing in Singapore.

When it comes to orientation, most would opt for landscape. However, should you have a beautiful portrait shot that will look great as your wedding display, you should get that printed out!

There are couples who’d like to showcase the beautiful scenery in the background of their photos. There are also those who would much prefer a close up shot, clearly showing both their faces. It is totally up to your personal preference to decide which you should get.

Depending on the nature of your photo, you might want to select a different wrapping option. We offer colour as well as image wrap. For landscape photos, an image wrap would be much more suitable, giving it a seamless look. Whereas for close up shots, you might want to go for colour wrap instead. However if you have any questions regarding the wrapping, please feel free to reach out to us at


Most couples who print their photos on canvases often want it to be their star piece. If so, you should opt for a bigger-sized canvas. The 40x60cm, 50x70cm or even the 60x90cm. Of course such a print shouldn’t only be of a single use. You can hang them up in your homes after the wedding so as to not waste it. So, 2 main factors to consider here – will it be big enough as your main wedding display & will the size be appropriate for displaying it your homes.

If you need some help visualising the different sizes, check out episode 2 of our Q&A series. Scrub to 04:47 for our canvas section.


Now on to the more technical aspect – photo resolution. 

Just a note, even if your photo looks sharp on your phone/ computer screen, it does not necessarily mean that the resolution is sufficient. When looking at resolution we look at the DPI (Dots Per Inch). The bigger your canvas photo prints, the larger the DPI. We’ve stated the minimum resolution required over on our product page, Canvas Photo Printing In Singapore.

Generally we would recommend that the DPI be between 200 and 300. Your can check your photo resolution here.


Photo via Andri Tei

The simplest and most elegant way to display your photos would be to place it on an easel. But no worries, there’s no need for you to go looking for one. We’ve got you. We rent out our easel for $25 a day with a deposit of $50 that’s refundable. So, if you’d like to rent it for your wedding, get in touch with us at Canvas Photo Printing In Singapore.

We hope we’ve answered your questions in regarding Canvas Photo Printing in Singapore for your weddings. PFF wishes all couples who are getting married a blessed and blissful marriage. 

Till the next one, cheers!