Apps to digitize your photos

Sometimes we want to keep our physical copies of our photos in soft copy but what if we don’t have a scanner? Is there a more convenient way to do it? Thanks to Android and iPhone apps, we can digitize physical copies of our photos with just a snap. I did a little research on which apps to use. Below are my 3 favourite apps to use (not in any order of merit).

1. PhotoScan by Google Photos

This app is pretty easy to use. It takes multiple shots of a photo which would cause the glare to be automatically removed from the photo. Glare-free photo guys! It automatically detects the edges but sometimes I need to manually adjust it to my liking. The down side to it would be that I can’t scan multiple photos at a time.

Taking the picture Follow the circles Manually adjust the crop

After scanning

Available for free on: Android | iOS

2. Photo Scanner by Photomyne

If you have tons and tons of physical photos lying around and you want to digitize them, this app will be a great app for you! This app can scan multiple photos at one time. Plus, you could also add details to the album of the photo i.e. location, date, etc.

Multiple photoAfter scanningDescription of photo

I would say the only downside to this app will be that it sometimes does not detect the photo edges very well. So it is inconsistent for that. It is a small matter. You can just adjust it manually. Another cool thing about this app is that you use filters for your photos.

Manually adjust Filters

Available for free only on  Android | iOS

Note: For iOS, the free app is a lite version. For both android and iOS app, there are in-app purchases.

3. Quisque

This is also another good app that I found. However, it was not like the photoscan app where it detects the photo edges automatically. So I had to manually adjust the crop marks.

Crop marks


However, the plus point of this app will be its filters and photo editor tool. So you can edit your photos any way you wish after scanning.

Filters_quisque Photo editor tool

Available only on: Android

And that’s it guys! Try it for yourself! Save some old pictures and swipe through them on the go. You can even reprint them into another size! Let me know what is your favourite app to use and why.

‘Till next time!